To be inserted into the next script just before you start to take mobile or short-time check-ins.                                                           

Use of this procedure is purely optional and at the discretion and

preference of the net control operator (NCS) based upon typical net

volume of the period. Typically, if you are having more than 25-30

check-ins on your net this procedure would potentially result in a

faster  "FIRST CUP" round through the list.



 Currently on the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net we are having record numbers of dialy check-ins. THAT'S THE GOOD NEWS! The downside of this is that with all these check-ins its taking a long time to get through the first cup of coffee; sometimes more than an hour and a half. This is causing some stations to leave before there turns come up.                                                                                                                


So tonight we will be using the  "FIRST CUP as the LIGHTNING ROUND".  We" ll still go through to list two times as always, but the first cup will be the lightning round and the second cup will be slower with more time for discussion for those Buzzards who wish to stick around and talk a little longer when there turn comes around again.                                                                                                                                        

So, on your first transmission, please keep in mind those stations waiting thier turn after you, and keep your first cup concise and let's try and more the net along. This will result in fewer "short time" check-ins and fewer stations leaving the net before their turn because their tired of waiting their turn.                                                          


I want to thank Speed, K8SG for bringing this condition to my attention and I will back him up all the way. I was not aware there was a problem. However, this may help move the net along as it should.                                                                                    


Thank You One and all, Let's make our best efforts to make this Happen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dave , N8DC    MBRNC Mgr.



    Buzzards Roost Net Preamble    


The following is script is only a recommendation as to the PREAMBLE and it 

is not set in stone. As you may use any format you wish. If it is suitable for the

Buzzards Roost Net




                   Is the frequency in use?  (Pause)  Is the frequency in use?

                                  Is the frequency in use from  YOUR CALL  ?

Good afternoon, this is  YOUR CALL,  net control station for the  Friday's

edition of the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net. Welcome to the Pre-net !  I am

seeking any early check-in's for tonight , please call  YOUR CALL  .



                              " Ah , ah , ah ....... don't touch that dial !" Since 1937 the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net has been providing the amateur radio community with the " Best Hour in Radio ".  My atomic clock on the shelf say's it's 6:00 pm (Summer) 5 pm (Winter), and it's for me to say....

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have tune to the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net.

This net operates on or about 3930 khz six days a week, and 3929 on Sunday lasts until all transmissions are completed.


Your net control station tonight is YOUR CALL,  then give your call

phonetically.  My name is                   and  I am in   Your City and State   .

All stations with a general class license or above are welcome to call and

participate as our purpose here is to promote friendship and fellowship

among Radio Amateurs. Information about the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net

can be found on our website at  : 




I will take a standby every fifteen minutes so additional stations will have an opportunity to check in.


Before I take regular check in's, I will first take check in's from mobile stations

those stations on short time. So far, I have   read early mobile and short time

check in's from pre net list.  Will other mobile or short timers please call

your call .


I will now regular check in's . So far, I have ... read pre-net list check in's   

I will now take regular check in's, anyone , anywhere, please call  Your Call.


Okay, super that's a good start to the list. Before calling the first Buzzard, let

me attend to some preliminary items:  (A) Special announcements (B) Question

and/or topic of the day, if there is one.  (C) Other information   (Read Reports.)




It is now  1/4 ,  1/2 ,  3/4 , past the hour and I will take pause now for additional

check in's for the Michigan Buzzards Roost

st Net. Station wishing to check in,

please call  YOUR CALL.


                                 FOR FIRST TIME CHECK IN'S



Welcome,   operators name !   Would anyone like to give    operators name     a

signal report and welcome them to the BRN net.


                                    AFTER THE FIRST ROUND


That takes us to the end of the list Let's see stuck around for the second cup.

But first, are there any additional stations wishing to check into the Michigan

Buzzards Roost Net. Please call    YOUR CALL .



Any other announcements or information for the net this evening? If NOT....


At this time I will close the net and return the frequency to any Amateur wishing to use it.

Please check in again tomorrow to Michigan Buzzards Roost Net.

The is   YOUR  CALL.  Thanks for joining us tonight.   73 to all.


If anyone see's mistake, please make sure you bring it to my attention, thanks.


Dave,  N8DC   BRN Mgr.