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                                    MICHIGAN  BUZZARDS  ROOST  NET                                  


             "THE BEST HOUR IN RADIO"       Daily on about 3930 kHz  at 1700 hrs EST (winter) 1800 hrs (summer)


The Michigan Buzzards Roost Net meets daily on 75 meters on or about 3930 Khz. at 1700 hrs EST. On Saturday, the net is called the Supper Club, and on Sunday it's the Rag Chew and Swap Net.

What does the Michigan Buzzards Net do?

Although it is a directed net under the guidance of a net control station, its main purpose is to provide a place for Radio Amateurs to meet and rag chew. Long lasting friendships develop quickly, and you will become a member of the "committee and Family of Buzzards" in just a short time.

Founded in 1937, the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net is the grand-daddy of all nets! It has evolved and changed through the years to remain one of the most favorite nets on the air today. Daily rotating net control stations keep each net "Fresh" and interesting, and the subjects are usually varied and thought provoking. Sometimes ....... all we talk about is the weather!

If you are a General class license or higher, please come and join us, if you're not a general class then listen in on the nets and when your ready Broaden your your Amateur Radio experience and enjoyment. Give the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net a try.  OUR purpose here is to promote friendship and fellowship among Radio Amateurs.      


Dave, N8DC

B R N   Mgr.