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(10/21/17) We are currently experiencing a problem with Photobucket and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are, of course, attempting to resolve the issue and hope to have our pictures back soon.

Update 10/26/17 - We have switched from Photobucket to Imgur. It will still be a while till we are able to get our pictures back up. While we have to use our computer to post pictures which requires having electricity, we are at least able to use our hot spot instead of having to find a good Wi-Fi.

4/2/15/ - We are currently doing an extensive amount of work on this website; both remodeling and adding on. Please keep that in mind as you look around.
And please return occasionally to see what additions and changes have been made.

While we are still working out of our van or rv, depending on which we are living in, we no longer need to find a wifi as we now have (have had for a while actually) a 4G hotspot on our phone. We are now able to work on it pretty much anywhere, anytime (dependant on other circumstances) and have accomplished quite a bit. We, of course, hope to keep working on this site frequently.
Unfortunately, however, Photobucket won't work on a hotspot so that we have to find a good wifi in order to work on pictures. McDonald's wifi sucks.


We have added two new sections. The first, wood signs, can be found by clicking here or by following the "signs" link on the wood page.
The second will be herbs, especially herbs of the southwest desert. We will also have herbal extracts.


Most of the time we sit in our van in a parking lot to work on the computer. Let us assure you that we do purchase drinks from the coffee shop whose wifi we are using. We do this in the van because we do not want to leave Thor in the van by himself. In the summer heat we can't sit in the parking lot for long and we deffinately can't leave Thor. Therefore we are not getting much done on this site and probably won't get much done till fall. In Tucson fall begins about mid November. Until then we will do what we can, when we can.


We are happy to announce that we now have a laptop, a printer/scanner/photocopier and a digital camera. We no longer need to rely on library computers and disposable cameras. As a result we have accomplished more on this site in the past 2 months than we accomplished in the previous 5 years.

Those who have visited this site before will see right off that it has changed. Not only have we finally changed the pages back to their original format, we have also changed the color scheme. The green lettering on black background was just too hard on the eyes. I am not so sure about the black on white background either but it is deffinately better than it was.

Notice also that we have added three new pages


-is pictures of items we have made and which we have either sold and don't have another copy of at this time or we never intended to sale in the first place. If you see an item you like please inquire. We will be happy to make a copy for you. Except for Butterfly's walking stick. This was intended as a one of a kind item. If you would like something similar designed especially for you, this can be arranged.


-was our weiner dog. He passed on 8/10/08 at the age of 16 years, 2 months and 14 days.


-Is our new weiner dog.

Herein you will find another online store. In fact, another online jewelry store. Mostly jewelry. But we also offer what we believe to be an original idea: design your own jewelry.
When we first started this we had not heard of anyone else doing it. We have since found one other amateur site which also makes this offer. So we cannot say for sure that we were the first to come up with this. And we cannot say for sure that we were not.
Jewelry is not the only product we offer. There are also hand carved wood items. By far, the vast majority of product we sell is handmade by us. At least to some degree.
We have still not figured out a payment method. But if you would like to purchase something please write. I am sure that we can come to some agreement
We have finally put up quite a few pictures yet there remains a few to be put up and a lot that are yet to be taken. New and different products will be added on occasion. Some will be one of a kind. So if you like our products you will want to check back on us every once in a while.