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Peoples Remix Competiton: PRC

Peoples Remix Competition: PRC.

Nowadays, FLMC is no more. Round 10 was the last, Bundeslang (me) claimed the victory. At this moment, I'm the organisor from the PRC, a remix competition with a big history. I started organising it in year 6, round 131 (!!) in 2008. Before me, the contest has been organised by legends like Reelmojo, Kamoh, Rexy and some others. Every two weeks a new round starts. Check details at my home page or the follwing sites: (Here you can download all songs from PRC94 and above).

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Fruity Loops Music Competition

At this page you can find some information about the Fruity Loops Music Competition #5. The competition started by Chtonic and switched from organiser each round, the winner must do the next one. After the fourth round, nothing happend, so I decided to start it up. How it turned out can you read below. Nowadays the competition has ended (like stated above).

Fruity Loops Music Competition 5: Finally.
The rules were almost the same as the first four rounds. Remixers were only allowed to use the stuff that comes with fruityloops. The weren't allowd to use sytrus, wasp, soundfont player or anything else that must be purchased seperately. No extra plugins or samples. The samples provided by Prophecy, from FLMC4 were allowed.

All the remixers submitted a FLP file and got a 3 points bonus for that.

The source tune was: Mega Man 3 (All tunes).

After FLMC5, DDRKirby(ISQ) organised the next round and after that, the organisation is done by Gollgagh. Check it out at


1 - DDRKirby(ISQ) - Spun Wild          

2 - Rocket Sniper - Onto Onto Snakeman Onto

3 - S|r Nuts - Snakes On A Loop

4 - El Pollo Diablo & Gollgagh - Noobmusic

5 - Bundeslang - Dreaming About the Gemini Master

Bonus Track - Blue Magic - Synthetic Luv


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