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"Freeing people's minds from the contraption of the Buddha tradegy."

Welcome to Buddha Never Existed! Discover why Sidartha Gautauma ("the Buddha") is a mythical, fictional fabrication of a person who never even existed in the first place! Our website reveals that the "Buddha lie" is a conspiracy that is meant to mislead and misdirect the masses into religious hysteric dogma, but now the new information avaible on this site is at your very own keyboard! Help spread the word and together we can destroy the Buddhism religion and expose it for what it really is!

No one agrees on what Buddha even looked like!

Image #1) In this portrait Buddha is depicted as a calm, relaxed meditator who is completely unconcious and unaware of his physical surroundings, he is young, healthy, and strong.  Image #2) The second image contradicts the first portrait depicting Buddha in different details, he is seen as overweight, showing consistent expression with himself and not in the form of relaxed meditation.


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