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Summer Camp 2017 What You Need to Know !


Arrive at Camp Bucoco on Sunday, June 18th by 1:30 PM. Scouts should arrive wearing Class A uniform shirt, swim trunks, hiking boots or tennies (no flip-flops or sandals). A staff member will lead us, as a group, through the check-In process, including a group photo (available for purchase), swimming evaluation, camp tour, medical evaluation, etc.

Parents should arrive with any money due: $12 for Troop Photo (optional), plus any fees associated with particular merit badges (you will be informed ahead of time if any apply). Please have exact change in cash.

Health Forms

Every camper (scouts and adult leaders) MUST have a health form, including a physical signed by your doctor. All medications must be in the original containers with unexpired prescriptions, labeled with the Scout’s name and unit number (Troop 39). The Health Officer will meet one-on-one with any child who has medications to review and discuss needs.

Click here for Health Form:

Family Night

Wednesday Night is Family Night. Families should plan to arrive between 4:00 and 5:30. Our troop families will be providing dinner for our campers this evening, so bring a pot luck dish to share. The troop will supply the paper plates and plastic ware. After dinner in our campsite, the families will join their scouts at the camp-wide evening activities. This usually includes a traditional Native American dance demonstration and skits & songs around the campfire, followed by the Order of the Arrow tapping out ceremony. The program usually ends around 9:30. Families are strongly encouraged to wear safe walking shoes (no sandals or flip-flops).

Packing List

* Footlocker or plastic tote to store gear (We recommend a lockable container with a lock. While Scouts should be trustworthy, they should also be thrifty, and that includes being careful with your valuables. If you choose to lock your tote, please give a copy of your key or combination to one of our Troop leaders, just in case you lose your key or forget your combination.)

* Small backpack or day pack to carry stuff around camp

* A piece of cardboard or something similar, approximately the size of a cot (Our cots are open springs. We’ve found it’s more comfortable to have a barrier under your sleeping pad so it doesn’t get pinched in the springs.)

* Sleeping pad (optional, yoga mat, chaise lounge cushion, whatever you want to add some cushion to your cot.)

* Sleeping bag, pillow

* Comfortable walking/hiking shoes or sneakers (2 pairs)

* Class A uniform

* Watch (or some way to keep track of time. Do not plan on using a cell phone or other electronic device for telling time. You will not have access to electricity to keep it charged.)

* Shirts, Shorts, Underwear, Socks (enough for 7 days)

* Extra socks!

* A pair of long pants and a sweat shirt or light jacket (just in case)

* Pajamas

* Swim suit and beach towel

* Rain gear

* Cap or hat

* Canteen or water bottle (to carry around camp)

* Mug or cup for beverages in camp

* Flashlight with extra bulb and batteries

* Folding camp chair

* Spending money for souvenirs, etc. (Most of it will be spent on candy and Slushies)

* Personal first aid kit (Scouts taking the First Aid merit badge will need to show this)

* Toiletries: bath towel, wash cloth, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, flip flops (for showers only, not to be worn outside pool/shower area)

* Boy Scout Handbook (in ziplock bag)

* Notebook, pens/pencils (in ziplock bag)

* Merit badge booklets (if applicable) (in ziplock bag)

* Merit badge prerequisite work (everyone will get a separate e-mail listing your individual merit badge prerequisites)

* Past merit badge partials (incomplete blue cards) in case you get a chance to complete these

* Oak Leaf patch if you have one from previous years (green ones too)

* Optional items: Fishing gear (needed for Fishing merit badge), Camera, Compass, Bible, Alarm clock, Bug repellant (non-aerosol), Sun screen (non-aerosol), Sun glasses


Scouts will be fed three meals a day in the mess hall, but are welcome to bring snacks. Food will not be permitted in their tents for safety purposes, but will be stored in a community container that is critter-proof. Scouts can bag their snacks, put their name on it, and they will have access to the storage container in our campsite.


A few of the merit badges have a fee for supplies. Unless you are informed that your merit badges requires a fee, the scouts do not NEED to have money with them. You may give them some spending money for souvenirs and snacks in the Trading Post. $20 at the beginning of the week, with the possibility of a little more on family night if it had been spent wisely, seems to work pretty well.

Items Prohibited

* Fireworks

* Alcohol

* Illegal drugs

* Pornography

* Shooting equipment, ammunition, or boats—ONLY camp-owned gear is permitted

* Sheath knives (only folding pocket knives, if you have your Totin’ Chip card with you)

 * ELECTRONIC DEVICES — the camp takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items, and they will be confiscated if abused.

* Aerosol cans of any type

* Un-Scoutlike clothing, excessive jewelry, or valuables

* No pets allowed on camp property, please!


If you wish to send mail to your camper, they suggest you mail it early in the week to ensure it arrives before the kids leave. Mailing address: Scout’s Name, Troop 39, Camp Bucoco, 150 Bucoco Lane, Slippery Rock, PA 16057.

Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency at home where a parent wishes to contact his or her scout at camp, they may do so by contacting the camp office. The Camp Bucoco emergency number is 724-794-8393.

Jenny Contact Info

I will do my best to have my cell phone on me and charged, but that’s not always possible. Texting me is probably the best way to reach me. 724-968-6876.

Facebook Page

We have a Closed Group on Facebook:

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