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Breezy Timber Nubian Dairy Goats
Nubians since 1978

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   Townsend Family

    Breezy Timber Purebred Nubians (ADGA registered)



We also have a site on Surge milking machines presently have 2 

We have been raising Nubian Dairy goats since 1978, we test annually for CAE and have always been negative.  Kids are given CD/T vaccine at one month old and tetanus at disbudding/tatoo under 2 weeks old. Are bottle fed so they are gentle and friendly.  My grandson is the third generation showing the goats. We do have appraisal done and show when we can.



Goats with their winter coat, more fuzzy than usual.

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Kids will be arriving March to April 2014

Doe prices will be $275. & up. depending on quality of kid ordered

Wethers  (male neutered buck kids) for pets, no odor like bucks have. Make great pets $75.00.


Click bucks at top left of this page for info.

Plans on building a milk stand go to top of page and click goat feeding, care etc.

When kids are ordered a time frame is set as to when to pick up.  Send  A deposit of $50. to order a wether kid and $75. deposit for does.  They will be disbudded,  and tatoo.  Deposit is refunded if kids are not available/born. If  kids are not picked up on specified agreeable time there will be a feeding charge of $4. per day per kid. Kids usually go to their new home 4-6 weeks old.  No guarantee/warranty implied.



We have 2 doe kids below that will not be bred until 2014

Breezy Timber P Sue

Sire)  Kastdemur's Timeless

SS) Kastdemur's Time In A Bottle

SD) SG Kastdemur's Moulin Rough LA 90


Dam) Breezy Timber MP Peppermint

DS) Mini Rosa Breezy Timber Max Jr. (AI breeding)

DD) Breezy Timber MJ Phoenix LA 89



Breezy Timber Paula Sandy

Sire)   Starfire's KMSO Argus

SS)  SCGH Kismet Marvin's Smooth Operator

SD) SCGH Starfire's Ogds Adia  LA (appraised) 92 

Dam)  Breezy Timber M Paula 

DS)  Breezy Timber Toast Marshmallow

DD)  Breezy Timber PM Penny  LA (appraised) in the mid 80's as a 2 year old first fresh




Breezy Timber Laurel D.O.B. 5-2-06  LA 90 

Dam) Breezy Timber A Ginny LA 87

DD) Breezy Timber Grace LA 88

Sire)  Cherry Hill Joint Chief 

S) Kastdemur Aesop

D) Lynn Haven Jiffy Pop

Laurel will be bred to Sonny -  relatives below

Sire) Kastdemur's Timeless

SS) Kastdemur's Time in A Bottle


Dam) CH Cherry Hill SBH Heartstrings

Sire) Kastdemur's Simply The Best

Dam) Cherry Hill EHS Heartsong


Laurel is one of our aged does.   In one of the group classes  was 1st Place Dairy Herd at MD State Fair.

In 2010 & 2011  Champion at local shows.  Was one of the  does in our 1st place in Dairy Herd Class at the MD State Fair 2010.

Laurel  will be bred  in Oct. to have kids in March 2014

Laurel usually have 4 kids. 




Peppermint photo taken  late fall. Hope to have her appraised this summer.

Breezy Timber Peppermint   D.O.B. 3-8-10 see dam  below   


Sire)  Mini Rose Breezy Timber Max Jr. SS) SGCH High Caiber Marvin's Big Max LA 90  

SD) SGCH Mini Rosa Shady that's My Baby LA score 90

Peppermint will be bred to  Sonny  A Kastdemur buck to kid in March 2014 (see bucks top of page click bucks on the left )

Dam) Breezy Timber MJ Phoenix (LA88)

Sire)  Cherry Hill Jack of Hearts


    Breezy Timber M Paula D.O.B. 5-2-10   for reference only 

Sire) Breezy Timber Toast Marshmallow (see bucks)

Dam) Breezy Timber  P M Penny  LA score 85


Lexie  shown as a kid is  a 2 year old and may sell this spring as a milker after she kids.

Breezy Timber Lexie D.O.B. 3-15-11 photo as a kid Lexie our dry yrarling won Rsv. Gr. CH. Nubian at our Maryland State Fair last year.   Large show and large Nubian Classes.

Her Dam Laurel LA 90 has done well showing this summer.  Our Maryland State Fair has  very large class of 6 year old and over.

Sire) Starfire's KMSO Argus AI *B (see under bucks)

Dam) Breezy Timber GC Laurel LA score 90 excellent(see Laurel above)

Will be bred to kid March-April 2013 photo as a kid, she is a dry yearling now. Bred to Sonny (Kastdemur line) see under bucks click bucks top left at top of page.


Lynn below will be bred this fall and freshen with  kids March 2014 


To see our bucks go to home page  click bucks on the top left side of first page


Breezy Timber L G Lynn   born 2/27/12 Lynn took Rsv  CH 2013 and   sister Lexie took Rsv. Gr. CH. 2012  at the MD. State Fair, who has large amount of goats, several hundred.

Sire) Starfire KMSO Smooth Argus  Dam)  SGCH Starfire's OGDS Adia LA 92 Argus Sire) Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator who is out of Frosty Marvin.   To see bucks click sires or bucks on the left top of the home  page.

Dam) Breezy Timber GC Laurel  appraised by ADGA  LA 90  Laurel's  Dam) Breezy Timber A Ginny LA 87  Sire) Cherry Hill Joint Chief

Will  be bred/fresh March 2014 along with our other does.


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