Fossils from Dorset's Famous Heritage Coast

Here you can find all of the Lyme Regis related Youtube videos that I have uploaded. Click the links below to view the videos.

Epic Landslide

 2008, Local fossil hunter Brandon Lennon narrates his short film on the recent events of Lyme Regis's worst landslip in 100 years. 

Banksy Art

2012, Brandon Lennon takes a short film of river Lym in spate at Lyme Regis. Banksy has some art work on a garage near the river which survived the flood.

Matthew the Fossil Collector

2013, A Lyme Regis fossil collector called Matthew , gives his words of wisdom in this short video.At low tide , Matthew visited the West beach at Lyme Regis ,and was aware of the dangerous cliffs.

The Storms of 2014

2014, Stormy seas at Monmouth beach, Lyme Regis, wash in all and sundry including a lot of driftwood . The storms coincided with a 4.1 metre high tide. If on a 4.8 metre high tide a force 10 gale rages in the scale of damage could be unimaginable!