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Christina Barkley, AAHCC
Natural Childbirth Educator
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in Cedar Park & Austin, Texas!

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 If your desire is to be well-prepared & 
well-informed for YOUR BIRTH...then


  Christina Barkley's Natural Birth Classes:

  • Educate couples in pregnancy exercise, nutrition, and how to work together during the labor process.
  • Encourage couple bonding and understanding.
  • Empower couples to make knowledgeable choices during pregnancy and labor.
  • Teach couples how to avoid the risks of common unnecessary medical interventions in labor and how to work with their body naturally.
  • Stress the importance of staying healthy and low risk in order to prevent common pregnancy and labor complications.
  • Train the birth partner in how to provide moms with the physical & emotional support needed to labor naturally.


Christina Barkley's Natural Childbirth Classes are ongoing throughout the year.

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