Box Boys Limited

just doing their job



I'm not obsessed with boxes, you know. I'm around on the web in other forms...

FACEBOOK  is, predictably, where you can find me primarily online, send us a message should you feel the need but if you're the kind of person who constantly changes their status to broadcast what you're having for dinner, I address this to you: SOD OFF.

YOUTUBE is the place where my good chum Paul and I posted several comedy videos under the username Prango. Observe our kinetic energy.

B3TA is Britain's premier "puerile digital arts community", a jpeg/gif-fest of fun, frolics and big magenta cocks, as well as home to the most talented Photoshop artists online (until I joined and brought the average down). I post under the moniker of The Silent Channel and you'll often find me gliding through the various boards like some kind of pixelated ghoul.

ROBERT WOODS ILLUSTRATION is my newest website for my latest drawings and cartoons.


BOBBINS was one of my favourite web comics, created by John Allison and running from 1998 to 2002. He's since moved on to bigger and better things in the shape of the darker Scary Go Round, but I like the purity of his earlier work.

MY NEW FIGHTING TECHNIQUE IS UNSTOPPABLE by David Rees is another influence on the box boys, utilising black-and-white clip art to pour scorn on american policies, war and government. Absolute shitloads of swearing, so be fucking warned.

DINOSAUR COMICS is something I was unaware of when I started doing this. Every edition of Ryan North's strip features the same panels but different dialogue. Sound familiar? There are differences between his strip and mine - a) his is in colour, b) his features dinosaurs (Dinosaurs!) and c) his is far more professional than mine. He also has exactly the right attitude to comic-sharing which makes him a splendidly upright gentleman. (Apparently this concept of comic restriction isn't a new concept - have a look at the Wikipedia entry on Constrained Comics to fill in the gaps.)

GEORGE AND LYNNE EXPLAINED is a true laugh-out-loud blog within which Hughesie attempts to dissect and elucidate on Britain's favourite saucy Sun cartoon couple (originally by Conrad Frost).