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John Otto Boole


John Otto Boole

John Otto Boole (b.1891) was the son of George and Kate Eliza Boole. 

After leaving school he soon enlisted into the Royal Engineeers and was promoted to Sergeant, and served at all the major engagements of the First World War that the regiment was present for, including Somme and Passchendale.

He joined the Royal Flying Corps (later the Royal Air Force) in 1915 and was accepted for pilot training.

On the morning of the 9th July, then Second Lietenant Boole was at the Central Flight school, and was flying SE 5a D8063 when he was involved in a mid-air collision with SE 5a C1775, flown by 2Lt Richard Carter Pellow, on 9 July 1918. Both airmen were killed in the accident which happened over the Brecon Beacons.

The aircraft these pioneers were flying were unstable and hard to fly, and far more pilots were killed in training than in actual combat.   By the end of the war, nine out of every ten of these early pilots had been killed.  John Otto’s father George Boole had died in 1898, and his mother received a letter of condolence from King George V, expressing sympathy that her son had been "...accidentally killed whilst in the service of his country".  John Otto was one of more than eight and a half million dead on all sides in World War I.  

He is buried in Penarth Cemetery, and his name is inscribed on four war memorials – three in Cardiff and one in Croydon.



Grave at Penarth Cemetery , Glamorgan

2nd Lt John Otto Boole

Royal Flying Corps

Died of Wounds 9th July 1918  


 St Michael's Church , Croydon