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ARTHUR BOOLE (1859-1935)

Arthur Boole the son of Charles & Millicent Boole was born on 21st July 1859 in Old Sleaford, Lincoln England.

Arthur Boole was a nephew of George Boole (1815-1864) the mathematician.

Little is known about Arthur's early years, but according to my father, Arthur migrated to Canada with his brother?. No records have ever been found in Canada but my research finds Arthur in New Zealand . Here he marries Edith Charlotte Margaret Johnston. on the 7th May 1888 in Christchurch New Zealand. Their usual residences at that time was shown as Dunedin.

A son named George Boole was born in 1891 in New Zealand and together as a family, they soon migrate and in 1892 are settled in Sydney, Australia.

The following photograph C. 1899  is of Edith with Arthur. 

Arthur & Edith Boole (Johnston)

Arthur is noted wearing a dress Boer war uniform. Possibly taken just before he leaves for overseas service in 1899.

It is remembered that second wife Muriel, did say that that husband Arthur had served in the armed services.

I can only assume that Arthur left Australia in the first NSW conscripts in November 1899 to South Africa

Further research is  still occurring on shipping lists and war records  of the time to confirm my assumptions but records are incomplete and difficult to locate for that period.

On the 17th April 1902 their son George now 11 years old dies after an accident. 

Coronial report states he died from "misadventure after receiving a bullet wound in his head whilst on a raft in Darling Harbour. He survived the bullet wound but drowned after he fell into the water". At the time the death certificate records a stepfather Joseph Payne of 86 Kent St Sydney.

George Boole (1891-1902) is buried at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney Australia


Arthur had worked as a  labourer and shearer and may have moved around for work.


Arthur reappears in electoral records in 1915 at nearby Narrabeen where he works as a labourer for the stonemason James Booth.( his future father in law)

Arthur marries James Booth's youngest daughter Muriel Janet Booth. They have a child in 1919 who they name Walter Boole.

Arthur's second son Walter (1919 - 2002) did at one time possess work references for Arthur from major rural establishment Dalgety Winchombe about Arthur's work ethics.

Arthur records his occupation as a shearer in the 1920's electoral rolls

The photographs below shows Muriel and Arthur in the late 1920's. and their son Walter, in a scout uniform.










 Arthur & Muriel Janet Boole C.1929











Walter Boole C.1929 


Arthur dies on the 19th October 1935 and is buried at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney Australia in the Church of England section 14 Grave 269


Children of Arthur Boole & Edith (Johnston)

George Boole 1899 - 1902

Children of Arthur Boole & Muriel Janet (Booth)

Walter Boole 1919 - 2002