Book Cover Design

Making that first impression a great one!

Book Cover Design Fees

1. Ebook (or paperback front cover only) ……………………….... $129.00*


2. Paperback (Front-Spine-Back) ………………………………….... $179.00*



4. Ebook + Paperback ………………………………………………..... $199.00*


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* Half Payment required in advance via my PayPal account ( Balance due at completion of project and prior to delivery of high-resolution art file.

NOTE: Some custom cover illustrations may be more challenging (i.e. time consuming) than others and therefore may result in a slightly higher fee than stated above. If you have a specific illustration in mind, let me know what it is and I'll determine (1) whether or not I can do it and (2) whether or not I can fit it into the fee structure as shown above. If it won't fit into the above price structure, then I will provide you with a quote based on your description of the desired illustration and then I'll send you a "request for payment" via PayPal.

NOTE: If your cover requires human figures I usually use stock photo images that I purchase from a stock photo supplier. More often than not, I'll manipulate such photos in various ways (and with various special effects) to make it adaptable to your specific story.

I will email you a fully rendered mockup of the cover art for your approval prior to sending the high-resolution file. Any "major" changes in the art requested by you will incur an additional fee of $15.00/hr. Simpler changes are free.

What's included in the price:


• One high-resolution, 300-dpi version of the cover art. This is the art you will send to the publisher/printer.


 • One 72-dpi image of the cover art at a size that should work for most ebook devices.

• One "3D" promotional image of your cover that can be used on websites, Facebook, blogs, etc. The size of the art is 4"x6".

Here are a few examples of "3-D" promo images:







Payments must be made via PayPal. Use the "Buy Now" button under each price (listed above) - or you can go to and deposit the funds into My PayPal account. My PayPal account is:

 Alternatively, I can email you a PayPal "Request for Payment" that will contain a link taking you directly to my PayPal account.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. My email address is:

Book Covers & Promo Videos


Yes, people do judge a book by it's cover!

Your book's cover is likely to be a potential buyer's first impression of your book. That first impression should be as good as possible because you know what they say: FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT!

I create book covers that grab the viewer's attention. But more than that, they reflect some aspect of the story told in your book rather than just being some generic pretty picture grabbed from a collection of stock photos.