Bonnie's Place


Hi and welcome to my website,

I am slowly but surely, adding items to my site.  Information is still missing so if you see something you are interested in, let me know and I will get back to you with the information.

I will not be mailing any items that are breakable, therefore only local sales where you can pick it up will be made.  I am truly sorry about this but I just can't bear to see my items get broken in transit and no, I don't want to paint another one to replace it.  I trust you will understand my reason (sanity) for this.

I will also advise as to whether or not, the item(s) are at "Pro Hardware" or here with me at home.  If at Pro Hardware, you can pop in there anytime to purchase the item and Lana (my sister) will let me know that it has been sold.  If the item is here, then I can send it in to the store where you will then be able to purchase it there or if you want to visit me, that is okay too!  :)

The majority of items are a "one only" painted item.  I don't want to paint more than one (sometimes I have made 2 at the same time) and I don't really want to take orders, so again, I hope you will understand my reasoning.  I want to paint something new everytime I sit down to paint!  :)

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy browsing.  Subscribe to my site (below) and you will then receive notices when I add something new to the website. 


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