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What is an American Staffordshire Terrier???

Well, this is Kaya, affectionately known by the neighborhood kids as "momma." She is the nicest dog ever! She loves anything that moves and would be a mother to any critter, she even licks our pet rats... I dont think i have ever met a dog with a heart so gigantic as her!!! She will take in rabbits, ferrets, kittens, goats, ANYTHING and treat it like her baby. She'd do anything for a ball or rope toy and she loves to chase and catch the Frisbee... This site is dedicated to her, for she opened my eyes to the world of holistic animal care! She is getting old now, and has underwent some serious surgeries to remove a beast tumor and I am thankful for every single day with her as she nearly didn't make it! I hope you enjoy looking at pictures of her growing up and reading about all the things i have learned in the last 12 years with her!!! 

Borrowed from Wickipedia-   "The American Staffordshire terrier also known as Amstaff is a medium-sized, short-coated American dog breed. In the early part of the twentieth century the breed gained social stature and was accepted by the American Kennel Club as the American Staffordshire Terrier in 1936.[2] The name was changed to reflect difference from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier of England.

Despite its name, the Staffordshire Terrier was first bred in the nineteenth century in Birmingham, West Midlands, rather than in the English county of Staffordshire where it was then later bred. The early ancestors of this breed came from England, where until the first part of the 19th century, the Bulldog was bred in England. Bulldogs pictured as late as 1870 resemble contemporary American Staffordshire Terriers to a greater degree than present-day Bulldogs. Some writers contend it was the White English Terrier, Fox Terrier, or the Black and Tan Terrier that was crossed with the Bulldog to develop the Staffordshire Terrier; all three breeds shared many traits, the greatest differences being in color, and spirit. The cross of Bulldog and Terrier was called by several names, including Bull-and-Terrier Dog, Pit Bull, or Half and Half.[3] Later, it assumed the name of Staffordshire Bull Terrier in England. These dogs began to find their way into America as early as 1870."

 Heres momma at two and 6 months old!

She was so small then! She always draws a lot of attention no matter where we go, she wants to greet and kiss every person she sees!

She loves going to dog beach and she is so smart, she practically speaks English! 


 The above pictured dog was my second adopted puppy, Kovu. He came from a cowboy who lived on rock road, I saw a cardboard sign one day wile driving that said "free puppies" and when i looked at him i just had to have him! He belongs to one of my very good friends and to this day I still see him on a weekly basis. It is a joy to see him growing old in a loving environment!!!

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American pit bull terrier is very similar to the Am staff, but smaller and more common! This is Lexus, She is responsible for giving me the passion to do animal rescue work! I rescued her in 2003 when a bunch of dogs were found in deplorable conditions. I had a friend who worked for the pound and she was going to be euthanized but she was so pregnant and kept licking my friends face and my friend just couldn't do it. They contacted me and I drove over there as fast as I could and picked her up! She was extremely dog aggressive and I learned A LOT from my experience with her! I did manage to socialize her with my other dogs and she lived a happy life! All of her puppies found wonderful ho9mes with my friends and family and I still see quite a few of them today!



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THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO.  It only takes a few minutes, and i guarentee you will NEVER forget it.

Warning, it is reallly graphic.