Barbwire Performance Horses

2016 FOALS

2016 Foals will be listed as they are born, youngest to oldest.
If you see a foal you are interested in a non-refundable deposit will hold the foal until weaning time. 
All foals are registered AQHA or APHA.

Shipping can be arranged in the US and Internationally.

2016 Expected Foals
Blue Eyed Dunnit x EZ Sweetheart
Blue Eyed Dunnit x Bowmans Smokin Chic
Blue Eyed Dunnit x Miss Okla Bert
Blue Eyed Dunnit x Miss Tulsa Step
Chizoms King Fritz x Tulies Gold Krystal
Chizoms King Fritz x Strait Leo Glo
Chizoms King Fritz x Catalenas Smokin Gun

Note for Newborn Foal Buyers: This is for buyers who select a new born foal and plan to pick up the foal at weaning age. You select the foal you want. $100 DISCOUNT FOR PAYING UP FRONT IN FULL for your foal or a $500 non-refundable deposit is accepted to hold your foal for you, and take it off the market. We do require monthly payments on the foal with the balance due by weaning age. We will keep the foal until weaning age (4-5 months old), and you pick up the foal at weaning time. If the foal is picked up at weaning time, then there will be no additional charges for feed or care. De-wormer is given to the foal(s) at 2 weeks old and again at weaning time.  
If the foal is still with us after it is 5 months old, board will be charged for the foal until it is picked up.
Pre-purchase vet exams are always welcome at the buyers expense. All Vet exams, Vet Work, Farm calls/Trip charges, Coggins Tests, Health Certificates, or other vet expenses are at buyer's expense.
Ownership of foal will remain with the seller along with any paperwork and registrations until after the foal has been paid for in full and any board, vet bills and expenses have been paid, and foal has been picked up. Paperwork will be given to new owner at time of pick up. Foal will not be allowed to leave until paid for in full and all expenses are paid.

Methods of payment accepted:
Cash, Square payments and all credit cards are always accepted.
Personal Checks are accepted but we will not release foal, registration papers or take the foal off of the market until the check clears the bank. Any fees associated with the credit card transactions will be paid by the buyer.

All foals are freeze branded for several reasons:
We are very proud of the horses we raise, and our brand represents the quality, hard work and dedication that we put into each foal. The brand is located on the left shoulder and is a freeze brand so it does not hurt the foal. It consists of 1 brand,  no brand numbers or anything on the hips, thighs or rear butt cheeks. Our brand is simple and clean, as well as done by a professional.
Also, Identification and Anti-Theft. Good horses are stolen too often! Branded horses are seldom ever stolen, because they can be identified much easier than a horse with no brand.

**Note to Buyers: All sales are final. There will be no refunds, no exceptions. Board will be charged at $5 per day per head after 30 days post purchase date, with exceptions to nursing foals.

Shipping in the US and Internationally is not a problem (at the buyers expense). Here are pictures of "Smokin By Starlite" and Dunnit In The Moonlight" ready to be loaded on the plane to head to their new home in Paraguay, South America!