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Updated news 8/25/11

After some long thought I have decided to permanently close down my breeding program.  The current litter is all adopted and there will not be any future litters.  I do sincerely apologize for any trouble this may have caused.

Best New Rat Club

Whether you are a breeder or just an adopter - come check out the best new rat club around!  This rat club will hold at least one show a year, please be sure to check out the website!!!

Welcome to Blaze Craze Rattery

I want to thank any and all people that have responded in my guestbook.  Your words are kind and an enjoyment to read.  I hope others that read them will find them helpful in deciding to add a pet rattie into their lives from BZC.

 HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SITE.  Please feel free to contact me at:

Blaze Craze Rattery is a small rattery out of northern Illinois - in Cary.  I do not heavily breed and will have no more than 4 litters in a given year, unless the need presents itself.  Colors we breed for are:  russian blues (and their dilutes), mink, sometimes marked in varying colors, mostly all with dumbo ears.   All rats are registered with NARR and copies can be provided of pedigrees upon request.

I do not sell for feeders, I understand your reptile needs to eat but please seek elsewhere.

I belong to NARR under the letters BZC.  I do occassionally open myself up to rescues when the need presents itself or when space is available.  My primary goal is the health of the breed, producing for longevity with minimal or no health issues.  My rats have a varied diet of Harlan Teklad rat blocks, veggies, fruit, and human grade food depending on availability and type.  My rats share their house with a crew of other animals, please visit the photo album page for some fun and pretty pictures.  My rats are raised on carefresh, aspen and pelleted paper and get a good deal of time out of the cage roaming and investigating.  No rat with health issues will ever be bred, mothers will not be bred again if they show any problems with their litters.  Most females will not be bred anymore than twice in their life time. 


Blaze, the former President: We will always love you!! It comes as sad news that we announce Blaze left this earth on February 26, 2006!

Blaze Craze Rattery has been officially started late summer 2005. All of this first came about with my first rat, Blaze, isn't she a doll? She was a variberk standard ear female with a headspot. She was actually a rescue from being snake food and I hand-raised her from 3 weeks old. She was the ultimate shoulder rat. Since her the rat "craze" has been non-stop. So in appreciation to her and to carry on her name forever I felt it fitting to name the rattery after her.

After Blaze, I proceeded to rescue a multitude of other rats. I raised them from just little babies with their eyes barely open, with the best of care, to become loving little pets. I then felt it fitting to do justice to the breed by making sure there were healthy, longer living, good tempered rats available for everyone to enjoy. I proceeded to adopt a trio of pedigree boys from Aristorats. Please make sure you take a look at the boys, they really are the ultimate!

Breeders that Blaze Craze Rattery suggests:

  Sweet Genes website:

Please contact me if you would like reference sites for more information on the breed, other breeders or general information.