Daddy's Tavern

A book that was hard to put down. By Edward Vasquez

Well written with outstanding composition of character structure and superb story design. The characters Curt E. Gibson created in this wonderful book draw me in, as I was part of each character. The story bought my emotions in and out from hate, happiness, sadness, to gladness as I read each word. Each line kept me wondering what it was going to be next. The enjoyable ending made me forget all the bad times Lenny (the main character) had to experience. A hell of a book. I could tell it came from deep within. As I closed the last page and put my glasses down on the table. I said to myself, It could be a movie. It's that good. I truly believe that this book could easily find itself on Oprah Winfrey book collection. I recommend it for all book lovers. If I can make a recommendation for movie makers, this story could be a top hit. A note to the writer Curt E. Gibson, you're a true storyteller. Your book will be part of my personal collection. Thanks for sharing your talent and brilliance with picky readers like myself. Daddy's Tavern by Curt E. Gibson. A book that was hard to put down.

5.0 out of 5 stars Spellbinding, January 6, 2008
By Annette G. Tomlinson "AnTom" (Florida)
Don't expect to put this one down once you begin! Everything about this book is superb! Curtis Gibson keeps the reader on the edge of his seat. His style and character development is fabulous.

 Jan Verhoeff Reviews “Daddy’s Tavern” Written by Curt Gibson

Lenny kicks off this page turner like a can from the gutter along Maude Street, a community living in the shadow of the Chicago Fires. The result of an afternoon respite from the summer heat and loneliness of the war, Lenny carries his personal burdens as he blunders through the early years of his life. A troubled youth with many strikes against him, Lenny hangs onto the hope of his father’s return from the military. His mother’s choices together with happenstance leaves Lenny on the street. Another time another place, and the man who suspects he’s really Lenny’s father finds him, brings him back to the tavern and keeps him until the military takes him away.

A series of events meander their way through Lenny’s life until he meets the woman who inspires him to change. His motivation is complete as he comes full circle to entrepreneurial pursuits. Lenny can be what he wants to be and he endeavors to become more.

You’ll be won over by his spirit and soul in this book surprisingly packed with murder, crime, and mayhem from every port. Lenny is an innocent soul who overcomes the trials of a rough start in life and actually becomes an upstanding businessman with a grand future. I found myself crying in one part and laughing in other parts as his character overcomes tragedy and ascends to greater heights.

I think what impresses me most about this book is the fact that Lenny comes from a place of underachievement and actually overcomes obstacles of most every sort to start his own business and become a productive part of a society where his friends are actually thugs. The recognition of a different sort of justice from the inner city where values arise from a different place in the soul brought me back to reality in the end of the book, as one character realized and stood on the fact that he was a good person, despite rough beginnings and errors in his life.

I would read the book again, recommend it to friends and have suggested it to a few who prefer a good life line story over the traditional mysterious crime tales.

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Review of: Daddy’s Tavern

In Curtis Gibson's wonderful novel, "Daddy's Tavern," I found a neighborhood in decay, woven into a tapestry rich with the human element.  Amidst despair, poverty and immorality, Mr. Gibson skillfully paints a canvas with his words that engulf the reader with a wealth of sights, sounds and scents.

His central characters are well developed and one can easily experience the feelings of each person as they go through them.  This is a tale of love and hate, of trial and triumph. There are kinships and friendships that transcend blood relationships, depicting both the good and bad aspects of the human psyche.  I found this story both heartbreaking and uplifting alternately throughout.  It will fill you with hope.

This is a terrific ride on the roller coaster of life that I would recommend to anyone, and willingly give it 5 stars ***** as a rating.

Reviewed By:  Zada Connaway  Author of "Mother's Journals : parts 1, 2 and 3"


 Review of: Daddy’s Tavern


      This book is well written, easy flowing, and with realistic characters, it’s an excellent book!   I found myself so involved in wanting the main character Lenny to find just someone to care for him. It was great to see Lenny grow up and thrive under pressure and with help from friends he became a worthwhile man. I liked the way the neighborhood was in some way connected with Lenny’s changes both good and bad. There’s some interesting twists, real surprises and I have to admit I cried a few times at who dies and who survives. It is hard to label this book, it’s an unconditional love story, has elements of mystery to its secrets, and it’s jammed packed with family drama. It’s a lesson that shows we really do pick our families whether they are related to us or not. It even has tales of horror that are truly real happenings in our world.   In the ending…. NO, I’m not revealing it? This book does contain some closure but there are things left unsaid just like real life. I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading a very good read. This book is a 5 stars plus *****+ Event!

Reviewed By: Julia Johnson   Author of: Jewels Treasured By Her Family


Curt Gibson has written one of the most entertaining books I have had the pleasure to read. The time setting and scene descriptions let me feel as if I had become a part of the story. The characters in “Daddy’s Tavern” blend together well and play off one another beautifully. It is a well written book with enough twists and surprises to keep this reader hooked in its pages. Thank you Curt for allowing me to read your manuscript, it was most enjoyable.

A.W. Nutter
Author of Shimmer & Daddy’s Game

Review of Daddy's Tavern:

Set in mid-twentieth century Chicago, Daddy's Tavern follows the happenings of a single street, Maude Avenue. Lenny McCammon comes from an abusive home, and experiences more heartache than a boy his age should endure. When a tragedy leaves him with no family, he is taken in by the local tavern owner, Mel. Gradually Lenny turns his life around, with the assistance of his friend Boche, Mel, and Rachel, the newest resident whom Lenny begins to develop feelings for. Meanwhile, the children in the neighborhood have been disappearing over the years, falling victim to a sadistic stranger with ulterior motives. The parallel storylines eventually collide, forever changing the lives of the characters.

Curt Gibson has painted such a vivid portrait of Maude Avenue in its entirety--the secrets, the desperation, and the hope. Daddy's Tavern is a thrilling read, with dynamic characters and subtle yet profound messages of friendship, family, and redemption.
Cassandra Zaruba,
author of "Liquid Bones"

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfection, January 6, 2008
"Have you seen the snail man?" a secret that has haunted Mel, the owner of the local Tavern on Maude Avenue for a very long time, so long that he will even carry it to his grave with him.
A woman that is married to a sailor; she losses her life; she is murdered. Her son Lenny is left to fend for himself. Abused, Mistreated, Abandoned
Lenny has to find out what life is all about through two older men on Maude Avenue, Pazzolli and Mel.
As you watch Lenny grow he finds out hidden secrets about his friends and family; but the biggest secret still is left uncovered. He lives out his life as on a roller coaster. He experiences so many pains and realities that a child should not have to face. He joins the army, but still it does not help him forget his past, "Lenny you really are a Roach."
Lenny is taken in by Mel and is given a small room to stay in. He lets his life drift by not really letting himself live.
A beautiful woman buys the house in front of Mel's tavern, she begins to renovate it. As the woman, named Rachel sets out to renovate the old house she hires Lenny to be her handyman.  Working for only $80 dollars a week, with meals provided; Lenny finds a new meaning to life.
Meanwhile while Lenny is growing in heart the neighborhood children have been coming up missing. For many years no one knows what was
happening to them.
Boche, Lenny's best friend takes over the job at the Playground as he deals with many issues that plague him from the past.
The picture man knows the answer too many untold secrets of Maude Avenue.
This book is filled with love, faith, overcoming all odds. It also is a book of secrets, mystery, murder and mayhem.
This is a brilliant story; the author writes in such an unique style it will lead you into many different lives. Come take a moment and reside on Maude Avenue, watch Lenny grow and learn, discover secrets that lay hidden underneath the dust of Maude Avenue. Maude is really alive, you must read to believe. I give this book 5 stars.

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Daddy's Tavern by Curtis E. Gibson is a phenomenal read!  Well defined plot taking you right into the story.

Mary McCammon has a good life with a good husband.  They enjoy the finer things until the day Darryl loses his job and joins the Navy.  Now left alone to fend for herself, Mary is overcome with loneliness.

She turns to wine, liquor, and other men.  After one encounter with the owner of a tavern across the street named Mel,  she finds herself pregnant.

Lenny was a quiet boy,  abused by his mother and her men.  He is dirty and picked on by his school mates.  Finding a friend in Boche,  who always protects him,  he wishes to be more like him. He also longs for the day his Dad would come home from the Navy.

When that day finally arrives,  Lenny's life is turned upside down.  When both of his parents die,  he has nowhere else to turn.  Mel,  the tavern owner is certain that Lenny is his boy and takes him in.  Lenny runs errands and cleans the tavern for his keep.  He learns from Mel, not knowing that he is actually his father.

After Lenny is drafted into the service,  he returns a different man.  He is clean and smart.  He has big hopes of becoming a business owner just like Mel.

When another tragedy hits Lenny,  he falls back into that boy that was dirty and shy,  never meaning nobody any harm.  That is, until he meets Rachel.  Does Lenny finally find the love he so longs for?

Daddy's Tavern is a very descriptive read set in the 60's.  Lenny is a character that you are sure to fall in love with.  Gibson does a magnificent job holding the readers attention,  having you rooting for Lenny and hoping he rises above all the bad in his life.

I give Daddy's Tavern *****(5)Stars, BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

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