Daddy's Tavern

DADDY’S TAVERN – Author Bio:

Curtis E. Gibson currently lives with his wife and two grown sons in very small town in Kentucky where they are slowly restoring an old Victorian home.  Retired, Curt spends his days crafting hand-turned pens from exotic woods and working on his second novel.   

Curt has studied people in depth during his extensive travels throughout America; aboard a U.S. Naval vessel during the Cuban Missile Crisis; as the CEO of a federal credit union; as manager and ambulance EMT for Cole-Schaefer Ambulance Company in Pomona, California; as a street urchin in Chicago, Illinois; as a fiction novel editor for a Dallas/Fort Worth literary agency; as a barrel maker for Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, and as a cowboy in Cripple Creek, Colorado, to name just a few.  In its earlier stages and under a different title, Daddy’s Tavern won the 1999 Tennessee Mountain Writers’ Novel Award.