General information about the BjornSocialist Republic

The BjornSocialist Republic is a state located in the south of Sweden, or, more exactly, at the stone that (according to some) looks like a tractor, in front of the Bos Islands, the sea of Immeln, Östra Göinge municipality, Province of Scania. The Republic, with its 6-8 square metres, is propably the smallest state in the world. The state was proclaimed the third August 2005 (Christian time), and the third of August is therefore the national holiday. See also the Declaration of Independence. The Republic is open for anyone to enter, and no visa is needed. The idea is for the Republic to be a Bjornsocialist utopia. Anyone who is not escaping justice or a member of an anti-Bjorn or anti-Socialist organization can apply for citizenship within the Republic. Swedish laws are not valid within the state, since it has own laws and an own government. The Republic's capital is BjornMarx. The flag has been captured by imperialist lackeys multiple times, but was replaced in 2009 and once more in the summer of 2010 and in the summer of 2011 and 2013. October 13 2007 Socialist production began.

The Republic recognises the Libyan Republic, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Ladonia and the Principality of the Pontinha.

Appeal to the Swedish foregin ministry for recognizion of the BjornSocialist Republic!

Article in 'The Local' about a marriage in the Republic
Information film about the Republic (in Swedish)
Photograph of the Republic, 2005
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The Flag of the Republic, 2009
Photo of the Republic, 2013
Tourists' photographs
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Application for citizenship

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