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Lot files

Here are the lot type files i made for Sim City 4(My Bat files page is up now 2 files added go check it out).
These files as with any on this site(unless noted otherwise)will only work correctly with Sim City 4+the Rush Hour
Expansion Pak(so Please don't download unless you have the expansion pak).

The stuff on this page will include Lot's like freight rail stations,passenger stations,bus stations,parking lot's & anything
else made only with buildings & stuff in the Sc4 lot editor.(Enjoy)

Please note:All files are in a .zip file you will need winzip or another program to unzip them & they should be unzipped
directly to your Sim City 4 my documents plugins folder(unless noted otherwise).Download Winzip Here: 
Or WinRar Here:

(Support info along with a download of My License-Support Readme is located on my Support Page Here:Support)

(All files on this page are not to be uploaded on any other web site wilthout my premission)

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Biwdc Large Police Station With More Parking

Well this is the standard large police station lot but with more parking.I added more parking for the police cars & for the people
that work there,i don't know if there will be another as for dependencies well i doubt it has any you may need the building props
vol 1 & 2 from maxis but i think that's it if you even need them,also this lot will not replace the original large police station in game
it will be set as another one in the police menu,also the Building Stats have not been changed.

Download Here: large Police Station With More Parking Ver
Please note:This Building may work with sc4 without rush hour but i have not tested it,if anyone try's it out please let me know
the results.(my e-mail address is on my support page here:Support)

Building Props V1 & V2 can be found here: in the lot editor section(you must be product registered
to download them).These files Can also be downloaded from the sites in this thread on my forums:

Biwdc Coal Power Plant With Parking

Well this is the sc4 coal power plant with added parking & an extra area as you can see from the pictures(Below)now
this lot as with the other i made will not replace the original in game one.

Oh and there shouldn't be any dependencies but you may need the maxis building props vol 1 or 2 for that small prop
building i added as seen in the pictures,also the building stats have not been changed.

Download here: Coal Power Plant With