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Bat Files

Ok Here is My Bat Files Page on this page will be all the files i created in the(Bat)Building Architech Tool sc4rh Gamepak
For the Gmax Modeling Program this page will have buildings,props of all sorts & other stuff aswell that i have made.(Enjoy)

These files as with any on this site(unless noted otherwise)will only work correctly with Sim City 4+the Rush Hour Expansion
Pak(so Please don't download unless you have the expansion pak).

Please note:All files are in a .zip file you will need winzip or another program to unzip them & they should be unzipped directly to
your Sim City 4 my documents plugins folder(unless noted otherwise).Download Winzip Here:
Or WinRar Here:

(Support info along with a download of My License-Support Readme is located on my Support Page Here:Support)

(All files on this page are not to be uploaded on any other web site wilthout my premission)

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Biwdc SC2000 Oil Power Plant Remake(Gmax)V2

Here is the early version of the version 2 Gmax model of my SC2000 Oil Power Plant Remake this one is not finished
though however i do have the near finished model which i will eventully get out when it's fully finished(when finished it
will not be given out as a Gmax file)but for now enjoy the gmax file of this one.(version 1 had to be tossed out because
of rendering issues)

This is just the gmax file with no textures & no windows or doors & some building detail props are not included aswell.

Also feel free to mess with this all you like if you decide to finish it & want to share please contact me before you upload it
anywhere my e-mail address is in the included readme in the zip file you can use it to contact me, also if you have any problems
with the file you may contact me via that e-mail address aswell.

You may need to use the scale button in gmax to get the size correct so it's not too big in game like wise the bigger it is the
longer it will take to render,you can ajust it & do test renders til you get the size you want that's how i do it.

Download Here: SC2000 Oil Power Plant
(Please Note:This file should be unzipped to your gmax(BAT)gamepack scenes folder).

Biwdc Sc2k Oil Power Plant Sc4rh Remake(Beta)

This is reserved for(beta1)

Biwdc Sc2k Oil Power Plant Sc4rh Remake(Beta2)

Here is My sc2000 oil power plant remake(beta2)info about beta1 is in the included readme.This file is also on simtropolis
here: so finally i got it out as in game sorry about it being beta still eventully it will be
completed.Now this is the in game Bat Building complete with lot it is plopable & is a power plant which will be under the
power menu it provides power & works like any other power plant(mainly like the sc4 oil power plant)the stats are in the
included readme but i will also list them here:

*Plop Cost:$10,080
*Bulldoze Cost:$250
*Budget Cost:$1,050
Pollution Effect:Plugin Manager Default
Pollution Radius:Plugin Manager Default
*Power Capacity:60000
Any other Stat's(Not mentioned Above)are the same as the sc4 oil power plant or are plugin manager defaults.
*(Means)i set these values.

This Oil power Plant Will Not Replace the sc4 oil power plant it will be set as another one in the power Menu.
On jobs i never noticed any power plants in sc4 having any so it may not have any & i didn't set to it ether.
This requires the following dependencies from these web sites:

1.BSC Bat Props jestarr vol 01(now in BSC MEGA PROPS Jes Vol 01)
(this is on the pegasus productions web site now you will need to register & login to download the file)
(it's under THE BSC Under Jestarrs stuff in the exchange there)
Update:SimPeg is shutdown now so you will need to get the above prop pack
from the exchange on sc4 devotion link
After Login(required)search the exchange for BSC MEGA PROPS Jes Vol 01

2.vehicle props-v3
(registration & login is needed)
-Site Not Running Get it from Here instead.
The site is in german.

Please note:This Building Doesn't have night lighting i am still working on it simtropolis member bobbo662 was
helping me with that & may still.He has also provided some of the textures used on the power plant,mainly the
oil tank textures.I hope to have nightlighting(of some kind)in the finale version.I Also hope to improve the textures
& add textures to the pipes & garage door)in the finale version aswell.So it is not perfect it is a beta after all.You
should see the original beta1(which was far worse).Check out beta1 above.

(This uses an installer which should install the files to the correct location after unzipping the file double click the installer
to start it unistall info is in the readme) if you have any problems with it or the power plant please contact me via my
e-mail located on my support page here:Support or in the included readme.The readme can be viewed once the power
plant is installed).

Download Here: Sc2k Oil Power Plant(Beta2).zip
Heres Links To Larger pictures(on imageshack)you can see it better this way:

Biwdc Orion 1 Bus Props Pack

Reserved for my Orion 1 Bus Props 

Biwdc House V1 Medium Wealth Residential Growable & Landmark Versions

Here is My 2nd released Bat Building,A Medium size House based off of my Great Grandfathers House(built around 1978).This building is My First Bat to be released
With night Lighting in the form of 2 night windows & some lighting around the house
to brightin it a bit at night.I am going to improve the lighting in The next version(V2)
as well as add anything else.

I am planning on releasing a cities skylines version of this house if i can get a good export & get it to work.This will hopefully be released soon after this upload as a seperate file upload.

This House has both a landmark lot & 2 Growable Lots all different sizes.The landmark lot is located under the landmark menu & is ploppable.

The Growables will grow only & are not ploppable.I was not able to fully Test the growables so if you can't get it to grow at all post a message via the comments or via one of the options in the included readme.

This file has No dependencies.

Install instructions are in the readme.

The stats are in the included readme but I will list them here:

The stats for all are:

Landmark Lot stats:

Budget Cost:150
Bulldoze Cost:100
Plop Cost:10,000*
Lot Size:3x4

Growable Stats:

R$$1_3X2 Stats:

Bulldoze Cost:200*
power consumed:2
water Consumed:12
worth 500*
construction Time:20*
Growth Stage: 4
Resident Capacity: 7*
Lot Size:3x2
Wealth level: R $$

R$$2_2x3 Stats:

Same as above Except:

Lot Size:2x3

*I set these values

I got the pictures of the growables by using the extra cheats dll plugin & plopped
the lots.You can find the dll on

(Note: plopping residential lots does not work correctly so the
lot will abandon.

I created this House model in 3dsmax.This House is finished for now.

                      (Thanks for Downloading)

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Download Here:

This file is also on