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                            Here is My Web Site for the Sim City 4 Stuff i have created.                                    
                                                5 files available for download:
                                                        Lot Files Section:
                                           (2 Lot files now available for download)

                                                        BAT Files Section:
                                             (3 Bat files now available for download)                        
                            I am Testing My own Server at this Time Check out the Progress Here:
Biwdc Lot's Inc. Web Server
                                I am also testing forum software on My Server Check it out here:
                                                        Biwdc Forums PHPBB                    
                                  (I am still keeping my Forums on Invision as Kinda a backup)
                     My New invision forum is down for good.I now have a new PHPBB Forum
                              to replace it check it out here:
                             (Currently links to my old invision forum going to get it back to
                              the new one soon but will be SMF not PHPBB now).
                            To my JRM Enterprises customers: If you want to contact me 
                             Call one of the numbers on my card,E-mail me or go to my
                             forums & Create a new topic in Other Stuff forum & explain
                             your type of problem or service you need.I will soon add a
                             page for JRM to make this easier. :)

                                                       New Site Additions:
                                                       -Brand New Forum
                                                       -New Download Added to BAT Files Section
(Check Out My Forums On Invision & Check out My Ebay Listings Page)                               

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