The Birmingham Vikings

Shedding light on the Dark Ages!

So much more than history

We are a mixed company of Vikings and Saxons trading and adventuring in England and Scandinavia of the tenth century - around 950AD.

We offer you the hospitality of our trading encampment...

...and perhaps we can tempt you to sample our wares, hire our mercenaries, or simply listen to our tales and songs?

Would you like to visit our tented village and meet our people?  Find out about our trade routes, and our ship, the knarr 'Thorr's Lady'?  View a Dark Age timeline where our own history parallels that of major events in Britain and Northern Europe - The Dahrg Chronicle?  Open your eyes to the 'living history' which we make available to educators?  Find out how we can help provide a fascinating and spectacular attraction at local and national events?  Or discover the ancient and modern wonders of Old Norse mythology and religion?

You have many options on this web site  which we have provided to inform you about our work, to shed light on the 'dark ages' and to encourage you to join us on our time-travelling journeys into the Heroic Age! Simply click on a link from the menu to go where you will!

Dahrg de Belne is proud to be the Birmingham, UK group of The Vikings, Britain's largest and oldest Dark Age re-enactment and living history society.

New members are welcome - enter our Recruiting Tent below for details!

We hope that this humble site will help you to enjoy our favourite subject - the world of early medieval Europe in the tenth century!

Whatever, be welcome, and may your gods watch over you...

The People of Dahrg de Belne

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