Deerhounds Deerhounds Ir CH Rosslyn Mystique CW-'06 Tique winning in Ireland 2524282 Katie and Puppy Katie with one of the pups from Tique's 1st litter, the girls spent most of their time at Granny's in the whelping box! 6273576 Birkhall Rhett Butler Rhett (Wild West von de Oelmeuhle x Ir CH Rosslyn Mystique). Rhett on the move!!! 6273764 Birkhall Stands With A Fist Poly with Becca - the puppy has better dentition than 7 year old Becca!!!! 6276423 Birkhall Scarlett O'Hara Katie showing (?) her beloved Dot, Tique's daughter. 6275261 Birkhall Scarlett O'Hara Dot on the move at about 5 months old. 6275262 Brylach Garrioch - Gina Gina was our 2nd Deerhound, RCC winner, a lovely lady and sadly missed. 2782358 CH Rosslyn Argus The 1st Rosslyn Champion and Danny's 1st deerhound. 2782546 A heap of Deerhounds. From Tique's 2nd litter taken at about 8 weeks old. 29556132