Spirit of Birkenhead Institute

The History and Heritage of Birkenhead Institute


I have added some interesting items from "The Visor"  below. These include some historical items of interest, including some local advertisements, and  also some original pictures featured in The Visor.  (All items reproduced here are courtesy of the school's magazine, "The Visor".)

In the 1920s, the B.I. Junior School had its own magazine called The Whetstonian, which was merged into The Visor in 1928.

There is also a copy of the "Newspaper of the Birkenhead Institute" from 1965 called "The Advisor", Issue 10, which I have reproduced in full below. Even I myself  have an article in this edition, which is the reason why this copy still exists!

Please also see my dedicated site which I have created especially for Birkenhead Institute Visor magazines via the following link:-



The advertisements below are from businesses, most of which no longer exist, or have changed their names.(For example, Allanson's, which is now Beattie's).  Do you remember any of these?

There is also a picture of the B.I. Dramatic Society, "The Torchbearers", and Mr L.T. Malcolm is pictured amongst the group. (To see text items more clearly in this section, please go to the Gallery page and click on the item to see a full-size image.)

 I hope you remember some of the items below, and that they bring back some memories of local traders.

The School Staff, 1949.


Below is a copy of the "Advisor" from 1965, Issue 10, (8 Pages),with some interesting contributions!