Bippo's page!

You have no idea who I am, except Proto. He knows.

"Where can I find you?" (Edited March 4th 2009)

Here are a couple of user profiles I have:

[Site - User]

 YouTube - lmphk & BippoErnesti

 Dailymotion - BippoErnesti - BippoErnesti

 USTREAM - BippoErnesti - Main Channel - Secondary


 Facebook - Bippo Ernesti

 Just send me a message (preferrably to lmphk at YouTube) and I'll try my best to answer.

 I occasionally do some streaming.

 I'm not one of those people who tweet or post on Facebook regularly, let alone at all, so following those will serve no purpose for the most part.

"I've seen your videos on YouTube, what do you use to record your PC?" (Added March 4th 2009)

I get this question a lot, so I'll answer it here, although nobody ever goes to this page.

 I use a screen capturing program called SnagIt, version 9.

 It's a really good recording program, though sometimes a bit of a hassle to work with, but with optimal settings, it works very well.

"Why don't you allow embedding in your videos?" (Added March 4th 2009)

I don't do this anymore. The (stupid) reason was that I used to actually get upset of finding my videos embedded somewhere.

It was a pretty early-on decision, but seeing as it, in all honesty, does nothing good for me, I've stopped to disabling embedding on my videos.

I might go fix my old videos so you can embed them to your heart's content, I probably won't do it anytime soon.

"I found a problem/glitch in your SMW hack!!" (Added March 4th 2009)


Really though, if you find problems with the hack, just contact me here or on YouTube.