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Super Mario World ROM hack (.ips patch) (Updated May 28th 2010)

I've been making this ROM hack since the spring of 2008, always adding something that came to mind. I don't have a particular reason why I released this, but I did, so there. The ROM is one world long, is frustrating and pointless and has a lot of hatred in it, have fun!

April 3rd, 2009: Updated because of two impossible to make jumps.

June 5th, 2009: Tested and fixed impossible jumps, hack should be beatable.

May 28th, 2010: Pretty much the finished version

June 1st, 2010: Fixed Level 106 (Forbidden Fruit).

 NEW JUNE 1ST 2010 VERSION HERE! Click! (263 kb~)

It's the .ips only this time, no packaging

 Click here to get the OLD June 5th .ips patch packed in a .rar archive (143 kb~)

Content of the .rar file (1 item)

 Suupaa Tatsujin AlphaBetaGammaTheta Patch Jun 5th 09.ips

Seven Creations of True Terror (SMW Hack, .ips patch) (Edited June 11th 2009)

June 6th - I started making a new SMW hack called Seven Creations of True Terror (SCOTT), so far it only contains one modified level.

PS. The name has no actual meaning, only that there are seven worlds with seven main bosses.

June 11th - Updated with two more levels, renamed the modified levels.

Click here to get the file (22kb~ packed, 100kb~ unpacked)

Contents of the .rar file (1 item)

 Seven Creations of True Terror 110609.ips

Jnes 1.0 Finnish translation / suomalainen käännös (Edited March 4th 2009/ Muokattu 4. maaliskuuta 2009)

Finnish: HUOM: Jnesin uusi versio (1.0.1) sisältää monia eri kieliä, mukaanlukien suomalaisen käännöksen. Klikkaa tästä päästäksesi Jabon sivustolle (englantilainen).

English: NOTE: There is a new version of Jnes (1.0.1) available which comes with many different language files, including the Finnish translation. Click here to get to Jabo's site.

Click here to get the translation file / Napsauta tästä päästäksesi tallentamaan käännöksen (2 kb~)

Content of the .rar file / .rar tiedoston sisällys (1 item / esine):


Finnish: Tiedoston purkamisen jälkeen, siirrä "fi.msg" tiedosto kansioon "languages" Jnes kansiossasi.

English: After unpacking the file, move the "fi.msg" file to the "languages" folder in your Jnes folder.

Finnish: Tämä on oma käännökseni NES emulaattorille nimeltä Jnes, tämä on tarkoitettu versiolle 1.0 (mutta toimii myös versiossa 1.0.1). Emulaattori on Jabosoftin tekemä, tässä on linkki:  (Sivu on englantilainen)

English: This is my own translation for a NES emulator called Jnes, this is for the 1.0 version (but it also works on version 1.0.1). The emulator was made by Jabosoft, here is a link to their homepage: