Bingles, Bangles and Babies

Reborn Nursery and Hand-crafted goods

SOLD 2016

 ~These creations have been SOLD~

Bridget-reborn Berenguer LaNewborn playdoll

Camilla, reborn Greta Stoete

Derian, reborn Berenguer LaNewborn

Dontae-hand felted Westie dog/pup

Echo the hand felted frog

Harry Potter, reborn Berenguer LaBaby doll

Holly, Barbie (Skipper) repaint, reroot.

Isolde, Barbie (Skipper) repaint and reroot, plus hand crafted clothing

Iona, mini reborn fairy

Neda, Barbie repaint and reroot plus hand made clothing

Red, hand-felted 16" snowman

Sage, reborn Adrie Stote kit Maddison

Custom Paint/Custom Hair (non-complete dolls)

Custom Doll Hair #2 of 2016

Custom Doll Hair #3 of 216

Jewelry, etc