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          Hello and welcome ...

Make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes to see what I've been up to lately.

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For those of you who don't know me, there's the history file. Not totally complete but then I didn't want to bore you.

Did you know I am a published novelist? Yep. Check out what I have had published and see a comment on my writing as it is being done at the present time. Plus
 if you should be interested in the art and craft of novel writing, I've got a "fiction writing for dummies" page! 

Is your life filled with stress? There is even a piece I wrote years ago on a way to relieve stress.  

Photos? Ah, now that was once a favorite hobby of mine ... but you know how it is, hobbies come and hobbies go. However if you are interested I'm more than willing to share with what I was doing way back then.

As part of the joy of kayaking, a good place to start is on the page that talks about building kayaks. And then on  to kayaking the  Noosa River

Well, that is some more of 'way back then'. Nowadays you'll be more likely to find me fly fishing on one of Tasmania's wonderful trout-infested rivers. A different kind of paradise!

This personal site is filled with bits and pieces of things I've been involved with since coming to Australia ... and it's been a great ten years (so far).  Things always seem to be changing, though, and as far as I can see the changes will continue to take place. Check back to this site every so often to see what Billy is up to now!


Life here in paradise ... You got to do it to believe it ...

Oh, I almost forgot ... some time ago I opened up a blog. As with this site I don't add to it very often, just whenever I find something to bitch about. That what it is about and the name I gave it tells the tale, comment by The Angry Old Man Of course when I set it up my finger got a little ahead of things and it came out The Hungry Old Man.  I guess that's just one more thing that I can complain about. 

Check it out ... copy this and paste it on your browser-- www.http:// (I tried to insert a direct link but ... oh, well)

So go on ... take a look at it all. Let me know if you like it or want to suggest ways to make the site better and more informative. Got a question for me? Well, here's a place to start ... I'm at

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