Crochet A Trunk-Full O' Fun!

About A Trunk-Full O' Fun!


Hello! I'm Beth and I love to crochet & do other crafts. I started crocheting when I was a little girl. I learned to make a granny square. I made everything you could think of out of grannies. Then when I was 13, my aunt opened my eyes to a whole other way to crochet. I learned other stitches & how to read patterns! I made crocheted gifts for the whole family.

I sold on eBay, eCrater and Etsy for a while, I also had a booth in a local antique mall. I'm no longer doing that, but spending my energy on crochet for charity.  I also am making a lot of video tutorials on You Tube and have become a partner. That means I get paid for the ads Google puts on my videos.  I now am approaching 40,000 subscribers from all over the world learning to crochet! 

Check out my You Tube channel for free crochet lessons, patterns and other stuff!