This page is for various random recollections that you have had of days gone by. The most recently added will be at the top. No holds barred. Send in your memories, and they can be added anonymously if you wish.


"Further to Gordies story on dear old Moggy Morgan, there are more to tell. He was an occupier of P2 hut,He felt that the hut needed heat and promptly poured a tickler  tin of 100 octane down the chimney, We were not amused!!
He sharpened a knife belonging to Rawcliff? They went ashore to Newcastle to enjoy the evening.Rawcliff wanted to return aboard but Moggy was otherwise engaged(female?) It is alledged that a recently sharpened knife entered Moggies back and Moggy moved!
He slept on the top bunk at the end of the hut and proceeded to let it be known of the evening"s happenings *He stabbed me* ad infinitum which did not win approval of those that wished to sleep. I,being one of the aforementioned, had a look at Moggy.It was true,Moggy was bleeding red blood==no Royalty there! He was removed to Sick Bay and Rawcliff was charged with *Damaging government property namely,one service shirt*"
- Eric Manuel

Lads at Torpoint 1941.  Sid Collins   Goofy Attwood   Gordie Evans   Yorky Ellis   ?  Blondie Cutbush  ?
                                Len Carter   Doc Foster  ?

"There were many characters in our Division, but one that often comes to mind - Moggy Morgan. He was never found in the world wide web search for ex Benbovians which preceded the quarterly news letter 'The Bulletin', in the days of snail mail and stamps!!
Moggy was a 'one off', his antics were well known. Always on Jankers, and could just not fit in. Known for breaking ship after dark during air raids and working in Newcastle as an Air Raid Warden (for money of course). Once he was missing from nightly rounds and later found by a Chief - asleep up a tree. I can testify for his strange sleeping habits, for when I was on Theseus out of Trincomalee in '47 with him, he would never sleep in the Mess in a hammock, but could be found on a shelf in the Torpedo Flat aft of C Hanger. 
I could say that he was an excellent craftsman. His hobby was making model planes. Design and make his own engine, have folding wings and retractable undercarriage etc. He would then take it up on the Flight Deck and let it take off into the blue - then disappear into his cubby hole and start another one. His party piece was to show Junior Rates his certificate, proving that he  was sane. That was the last I saw of Mog.
Delving through old Bulletins, I found an episode concerning Sam Selman, then a Chief Hook. He was informed that one of the Commander's chickens was missing - 'look into it'. Sam recounts that he nosed a delightful smell coming from one of the P huts, and found Moggy eating roast chicken in butter, on the wood stove using a Tickler tin to cook it in. 
By the way, does anyone have a photo of him?"
- Gordon Evans

"I remember my entry to Senbawang as a member of Monab. Freddy Sullivan and myself were placed in a cabin (we were killicks) at the end of a brick block, the floor of which (cabin) was stained with dried blood. I grabbed a Jap and told him to clean it, and the walls. I then visited the Jap store and purloined some paint for him to paint it (the walls). He fell in, below, to march away to the tents at the far side of the drome. I heard him called to the front (his name was Yamashita). The officer then started beating him around the face (the procedure for punishment). I stopped the rubbish and asked 'why?' 
NIP: 'he paint your cabin and I not tell him'
ME: 'No, I just did - on your way'
The galling part was that he reported ME (18 years old and a hero!) I had to front a Lt. Comm. and the following was the conversation.
LT COMM: 'Did you do this?'
ME: 'What?'
LT COMM: 'Stop him from beating up the junior'
ME: 'Yes'
LT COMM: 'Why?'
ME: 'He was going to kill him'
LT COMM: 'Manuel, if those silly bastards want to kill each other, don't step in between'

I finish by repeating the 2 1/2s remarks but applied to Iraq, Afghanistan and any other place where our young fellows are being used. AMEN"
- Eric. M

"Trigonometry: Since about age 10, Gordie rammed Trig down my throat. Leading me through tables I didn't understand and confronting me with problems that intrigued me - before I could use a calculator, I was a Pro."
- Richard