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Verbesina virginica (10-15)

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Hoogte: 110 cm.

Bloeit: aug-nov

Type: HA/HB

Winterhard in: zones 6-9 (-10C)


Beschrijving: Ietwat ruige plant, maar heel interessant voor bijen en hommels vanwege de late bloei.


Zaai-instructies : Kiem in 14-21 dg, 18-23C.

Plant-instructies : Zon




With its unusual white flowers are important plants for nectaring bees (carpenter, honey, bumbles and small tongued bees) and butterflies during late summer when gardens are winding down.They even bloom during droughts.


Height: 110 cm.

Flowers: aug-nov

Type: HA/HB

Hardy in: zones 6-9 (-10C)


Sowing instructions: Germinates in 14-21 days at 18-23 Celsius.


Planting instructions: Full sun or partial shade. Well drained soil.

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