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Centaurea dealbata (Centaurie)

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Hoogte: 30 cm.
Bloeit: jun-aug
Type: HP
Winterhard in: zones 4-9 (-20 C)

Langbloeiende plant. Komt het mooist tot zijn recht in grotere groepen. Lokt insecten.

Zaai-instructies: Donkerkiemer. Kiem in 14-30 dagen, 18-23C
Plant-instructies: Kalkrijke grond, zonnige plek


An attractive, clump-forming, lavender-pink cornflower. Easy to grow, adding height and interest to borders, as well as making a superb border cut flower. Attractive for (bumble)bees.

Height: 30 cm.
Flowers: jun-aug
Type: HP
Hardy in: zones 4-9 (-20 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Needs dark to germinate. Will do so in 14-30 days at 18-23 Celsius

Planting instructions: prefer a sunny, sheltered spot in light, well drained soil.

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