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Stephanotis floribunda (Bruidsbloem)

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TShr - 200 cm. - 1/2? - * mrt-aug ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------- Kuipplant. Veel licht, geen felle zon. Niet verplaatsen wanneer er knoppen zijn. Tijdens bloei potgrond vochtig houden. De ideale temperatuur is 18-22? C. Na de bloei: minder vochtig houden en koeler zetten. Tijdens bloei regelmatig bijmesten. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------- Thrives with bright but indirect light. Also, provide some humidity as it will do better then, although this is not critical for the plant's survival. This is a vine so a support is needed. One important point to remember: don?t move the plant when in bloom, not even twist it around, or the buds may fall.

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