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Primula veris (Echte sleutelbloem)

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De bekende, echte sleutelbloem. Beroemd vanwege zijn simpele, stralende schoonheid al vroeg in het seizoen. Hangende, gele, geurige en eetbare bloemen.

Hoogte: 23 cm.
Bloeit: apr-mei
Type: HB/HP
Winterhard in: zones 4-9 (-20 Celsius)

Zaai-instructies: Kiemt in 10-15 dagen bij 15-18 Celsius. Hogere temperaturen kunnen de kiem remmen.

Plant-instructies: Humusrijke grond in volle zon of halfschaduw.

Waarschuwing: kan huidallergische reactie veroorzaken.


The famous meadow and hedge row plant of simple beauty. Fragrant lemon yellow pendulous blooms. Flowers are edible.

Height: 25 cm.
Flowers: apr-may
Type: HB/HP
Hardy in: zones 4-9 (-20 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow late winter onwards in good seed compost. Sow seed on surface of compost and gently firm. Seal in a polythene bag or cover with a piece of glass and place in a shady spot but do not exclude light which is beneficial for germination. Keep the soil damp but not wet. Germination usually takes 10-15 days at 15-18C, higher temperatures can prevent germination.

Planting instructions: Good soil in full sun or partial shade.

Warning: Contact with the leaves may cause skin allergy to some people with sensitive skins

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