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Welcome to Beckys Barkery

Welcome to Becky's Barkery the keep it simple, no nonsense dog treat at home bakery.

We make simple, tasty treats for dogs, no frills just enjoyable cookies for your beloved pets.

If you have never ordered before and are not sure what to choose how about trying out our most popular cookie type.

1 pack of oat and honey dog cookies bone shape 7.00 incl. P&P


2 packs of oat and honey dog cookies bone shape 13.00 incl. P&P

Cheque or postal orders accepted cash must only be sent by registered mail.

Send to

Becky's Barkery, R. Taube, Moyne, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Cookies are made fresh to order and are made once payment is received.


Site last updated 10 Dec. 2010.

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Welcome to our site! 

Why a Pet Bakery? Well it all started because one of our precious pooches has a sensative tum. She is on a special diet and can only have certain treats. Many of the shop bought treats don't agree with her so I thought I would make some myself so I knew exactly what was going into them. Turns out she loved them and as long as she doesn't steal too many from the table and over indulge herself they don't upset her tum.

Our cookies and treats are for all dogs of course, we only use gluten free flour for the dog treats and organic free range eggs and organic carob for the carob brownies. We also use organic oats for extra crunch. When available we also use local Tipperary honey made just down the road from us.  It adds a natural sweetness as we do not used sugar.      

All ingredients are human grade many bought from the local health food shop. No nasty artificial additives and as there are no artificial preservatives so we suggest you keep them in an air tight container or in the packaging they come in in the fridge. Happily you can also freeze many of our treats including the cookies that's if Fido doesn't scoff them all on you. The cookies can be frozen in the packaging they come in also.

We also use filtered water and no longer add any salt, salt is used to keep the cookies fresh for longer but we figured your pooch won't leave them lying around for long. For a shiney coat we use Sunflower oil after much debate we find Sunflower oil is one of the best to use. Everything is made fresh to order and so cookies are safe to freeze as they have not been frozen before. Just thaw at room temp before feeding to your pet. That includes the goat cookies too!

Keep an eye on our site over holiday times, we will have Easter cookies available in Easter shapes, check out the cookies page for a list of shapes available.

All cookies are taste tested by our two dogs and the humans in the household.

Don't forget you can send us suggestions for cookie flavours.

Happy browsing!

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