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Nagi Bully Kutta

Here is an excellent example of a Brindle Nagi Bully, the photo is courtesy of Chaudry Jhangir of Chakswari A.k. Pakistan

Here is a unique line of Bully Kutta in some parts of Pakistan they are called "NAGI" Bullys & in other parts they are called similar type names. The Nagi Bully is basically a Bully Kutta mixed with a Tazi & the Pakistani Boar dogs the Tazi is a gigantic dog similar to a greyhound it can reach over 30" & is an excellent hunting dog. From what i know the Boar dogs are a combination of Gull Terr & Tazi  these are then crossed with Bullys & the outcome is a Nagi Bully Kutta. The NAGI Bully well is not the best looking dog in the World but it is well known for its strong bite, a friend of mine has a Nagi Bully that took down his Buffalow now that is saying alot about the power of these dogs.


Here are pics of a NAGI Bully owned by a friend who resides from the same village as me  in Sargodha Pakistan




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