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Mastiff Type Bully Kutta

Here is another strain of Bully Kutta the mastiff type it is found in the PUNJAB area of Pakistan you will see very little if not any of this type of Bully Kuttta in the Azad Kashmir area of Pakistan where the popularity of Bully Kutta is very high. I have seen some interent sites that call these SINDH MASTIFFS & INDIAN MASTIFFS they are a type of Bully Kutta that resemble a mastiff of old to me.I have seen loads of this type &  they definitely breed true to type.

Their height is 27-30" & weight 110-130 lbs they are not as big boned as the pure bullys & do not have the colosall heads of the pure Bully Kutta. They have a nice smooth coat with elasticated tough skin they some what resemble what an English Mastiff should look like maybe they could be another type of ancient Mastiff breed we have in Pakistan. They come in Brindle, black, fawn, red, & normally 15% white & you do get the odd one that is predominately white, they have afew wrinkles with some dewlap.

Temperament wise they are very similar to the Pure Bully Kutta they guard naturally & have natural aggression towards other dogs they also seem tobe more intelligent than the Pure Bullys they can easily tell the difference between a friend & enemy.

Here are afew photographs as they say pics speak for themselves. The Brindle one is owned by me & the others by close friends.









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