I'll Decorate This City, In Ribbons Of Blood
(The Joker's Song)


"Merry Christmas Gothamites.....another Scaramouche demo.

I've always loved Jim's great title 'I'll Decorate The City, With Ribbons of Blood', and felt it should be a song for Joker in a Batman musical, hence this 'first draft' demo, with a slightly tweaked title.

Having said that, with some minor lyric changes in the choruses, it could also be a song for Hook and/or Sweeney Todd?

Please read the scene description first, as this is what I envisaged, whilst writing the lyrics (and music).

Hope you enjoy (and hopefully the link works)!

Scene Description:

It's Christmas Eve in Gotham, and following a bank robbery attempt, thwarted by Batman, Joker retreats defeated to one of his many hideouts, this time a flat rooftop somewhere high above Gotham, rendezvousing with his 'crew'.

At first he prowls around the rooftop, furious at yet another loss, before bellowing into the snowy night sky...

'God Damn the Batman! And god damn, all his god damn wonderful toys! Where does he get 'em boys? Where does he get 'em?'

'An just what have I gotta do, for one sweet little victory, eh? Just one sweet, miserable little victory, for good ol', little ol', Joker'.

'God damn the Batman! How he tortures me in so many ways, so many hours, and so many days...'

He then stares out, surveying the city below...

'Well fuck him, and fuck this city! Look at it! A cesspit of the filthiest filth, and the darkest of darks, the blackest of blacks and the greyest of greys...oh god, a city of black & grey. I'm so sick of black & grey! Who would have thought it was Christmas?'

Joker then realizes it is the time of 'goodwill' to all men...

'Ah yes, Christmas, I almost forgot. It's Christmas boys, I almost forgot. But I'm so sick of black & grey. I need to colourize this city...it's Christmas after all...what can I do, what CAN I do?'

He thinks for a brief moment, devising a devious plan of revenge...

'Yes! I have it boys, I bloody well have it...oooooh does anybody ever dream like this anymore? Gather round boys, I have it...now listen...LISTEN!'

His 'crew' gather round and the song begins, before Joker slowly walks towards the edges of the roof, glaring out over Gotham, and gesturing with his arms.

During the song, his 'crew' add backing vocals, and perform a choreographed dance; a maniacal mesh of ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and Morris dancing.

They have sleigh bells tied to their legs, and hold high above their heads, long red ribbons, which flutter & float in the night wind.

During the 'middle 8', Joker becomes more agitated and moves between his 'crew', grabbing them by their lapels and barking instructions:

'Kill 'em all, kill 'em all, amputate, disembowel...'

In the section that follows, his crew acknowledge his orders 'amputate', 'disembowel' etc, and Joker signals his pleasure 'gooood', 'that's right' etc.

In the last chorus, during the repeated 'in ribbons' rant, Joker & his 'crew' throw red ribbons off the rooftop (or if on stage, out into the audience).

The song/scene ends to the tune of 'Jingle Bells', with Joker and his 'crew' gaily skipping away down the fire escape, off to 'slice 'n' dice'..."