30 May 2011
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Four Comic Books That Would Make Better Musicals Than Spider-Man

BATMAN: This is the easiest of all because it's already been very, very close to actually happening. Jim Steinman of Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler fame was commissioned as far back as the last century to write a Batman musical. We waited patiently for years and years - well aware of the fact that Steinman is not a fast composer - and finally gave up.

Then we heard this...

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That's "In the Land of the Pigs the Butcher is King" and it's easily the best song on Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell III. We were so impressed with it we did a little research and found out that Steinman wrote the song for the musical as a lament by Lt. Gordon and other Gotham City officials about the rampant crime in Gotham (1).

We were literally this close to getting a killer Batman spectacular based on the Burton vision, with music done by one of the greatest operatic rock composers of all time. It's just criminal that it didn't happen.

More information about the dead project can be found here (Ed. Dark Knight Of The Soul Link)

- Jef With One F

(1) Where does that information come from?

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3 April 2013
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Outside the Longbox: Superheroes on Broadway

Batman: The Musical

Not to be confused with badass arena show Batman Live (that comes next), Batman: The Musical was the 1999-2002 brainchild of Jim Steinman, David Ives, and Tim Burton. After Burton's work on the Batman film franchise, he was attached as director for the Broadway debut, with the show projected to open in 2005. However, after releasing a few demo songs, the show faded away without any further word as to its future.

With the Nolan Batman movies it's even more unlikely that the highly theatrical Batman: The Musical will ever see the stage. However, there is an entire website devoted to the doomed show at (Ed. Dark Knight Of The Soul Link), complete with the demo songs, articles, and more.

- Mary Staggs

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