The Graveyard Shift
(Batman's Opening Song)


Another Batman demo... this time a re-working of Jim's 'The Graveyard Shift'.

Always thought The Song of Gotham City/Angels Arise (with some orchestral embellishment) would make a great overture (instead of the traditional and slightly boring instrumental pieces in most shows).

I then thought that the opening song (proper) should be more uptempo than Jim's demo, and would have more impact coming in after the slowish Angels Arise.

I therefore started writing a new song entitled 'In A City That Never Sleeps (Neither Must I)', which I suppose is another way of saying 'The Graveyard Shift'.

I wanted to include (because they're great) Jim's lines 'maybe I've been cursed, or maybe it's a gift, but I see it all, I work the Graveyard Shift' and also ended-up keeping his first verse. However, I think you'll see I did write a lot of my own stuff as well.

Also developed lyrically, Jim's 'god speed' section, to have a bit more of a Batman context, and I think it works best as a coda (as per 'Nowhere Fast').

Decided to keep 'The Graveyard Shift' as the title, as I think it works better than my alternative.

Finally, a brief scene description:

As per Jim's blog, during Angels Arise, the citizens of Gotham fear the oncoming night and are rushing to close-up and get safely home.

However, as Angels Arise ends, they are too late, and during the intro of TGS they are joined on stage by the many villains of Gotham and a mad (but choreographed) dance takes place where the villains mug, assault and murder the innocent citizens.

Batman then appears on a 'roof', which is beyond stage left, and protrudes out over the first few rows of the theatre, and he sings, 'looking down' on the stage as the mad dance continues (there would be set-pieces on stage to match specific lyrics - i.e. demons rising, howling like a loon etc).

During the bridge, Batman has lost faith in any help from 'higher powers' and sums up his feelings with 'God doesn't answer many prayers around here...'.

Towards the end of the song the villains have had their 'fill' for the night and disperse, leaving the injured citizens to help each other up and/or reappear from hiding places. They gather centre and stage right and, having more faith than Batman, plead for help (God Speed, God Speed etc).

Batman, realising that they rely on him, then reprises his exasperation from earlier 'maybe I've been cursed' etc.

The song ends with the citizens exiting stage left and right, leaving empty streets and rubbish blowing in the wind. Batman then sings the outro and stage goes dark.