Angels Arise/The Graveyard Shift
(The Opening Sequence)


Jim Steinman: "... the opening sequence from Batman. It starts with VESPERS coming from the Gotham Cathedral, then into "THE SONG OF GOTHAM CITY" which includes, for the first time, the "Angels Arise" melody (later "Appropriated & annexed & snatched" for VAMPIRES, where it was wasted. We see the Gothamites fearing the onset of night, pulling those metal sliding "doors/barriers" down and filling with oncoming terror as a storm approaches. The soprano is a SALVATION ARMY woman on the street in front of the cathedral. THEN: "we rise up" to see the entire panoramic vista of all of Gotham City. And from the darkness, amidst gargoyles and turrets and spires (OH MY!), suddenly we see a gargoyle come alive -- its Batman, watching all before & below him. He sings THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT, on the Gothic rooftops, a human, watchful, vengeful dark presence. Then HES GONE! During his aria, a parade of characters pass by: Selena Kyle/Catwoman, The Joker, various city dwellers and "villains" we'll meet later on."

Courtesy The Jim Steinman Blog