Dark Entwined With Darkness (Is All I Ever See)
(Batman's Soliloquy)


"Ready for another rollercoaster ride back into Gotham?

This time a soliloquy for Batman...

Have always loved Jim's 'Gotham City/Graveyard Shift' demo and my favourite line is 'when the dark entwines with darkness'. It just jumped off the page, sounding both magical and sinister at the same time.

This led me to thinking, well isn't that what Batman always sees, the 'dark entwined with darkness'? Not only literally, as he works the 'graveyard shift', but also the fact that he has vowed to defend the city, and in turn has to deal with the 'underbelly of the beasts'.

Lots of Steinman references in this; some deliberate and some just 'seeped-in' sub-consciously.

Just so you know, the use of 'for crying out loud' was not deliberate, and just came to me in the writing process, having written 'is anybody getting outta here alive' (originally for the chorus), first.

I think the title I've chosen works best, but here are some alternatives I toyed with...'Batman's Soliloquy', 'Gotham City Lament', 'Paradise Lost?' & 'Someone's Opened Up Pandora's Box'.

As always, try & read the scene description first, as this is what inspired (most of) the lyrics & music.


Scene Description:
Crime is soaring in Gotham and Batman is failing to stem the tide.

Arriving just minutes too late, he has failed to prevent yet another murder, by one of the city's many villains.

This latest murder is now the final straw, and overcome with grief, he retreats exasperated to one of the few places he feels safe, the rooftops high above the city.

The haunting images of his murdered parents are now more vivid than ever, and he feels powerless, to act on his vow, to defeat the never ending evils that lurk in the shadows far below.

Through the echoing taunts of countless police sirens, he stares out into the all-engulfing darkness and sings a lament...

During the 'middle 8' Batman drops to his knees, and with his arms raised towards the heavens he questions the 'gods'...'for crying out loud, is anybody getting outta here alive?'...

The song ends with Batman again questioning the 'gods', but this time a more selfish question, 'is dark entwined with darkness, all I'll ever see?', before dropping his head in defeat, followed by the sound of a lone tolling bell.

Slowly but surely the single bell is joined by first one, then two, then a whole thunderous symphony of church bells, echoing around the city.

Batman is intrigued, and raising his head, is first shocked & then inspired by what he sees...

Every church spire around the city is magically illuminated by columns of faint celestial light, piercing the night sky from the heavens above.

The church bells increase in volume, until the whole city is awash with a deafening but beautiful melody of defiance (you'll recognize the tune), and the celestial 'light sabers' start criss-crossing all over the city, like a spectacular laser show.

Batman's face turns from the initial shock & surprise, to anger and then a fierce determination...the citizens of Gotham have spoken, the 'gods' have spoken, his parents have spoken...Batman has his answers...the fight is back on!"