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Hello and welcome to my web-page, here you will find information about my writing and editing projects. Below you can read the most recent news regarding my fiction appearances.

I began my writing career in late 2006, my major inspirations being the writer H.P. Lovecraft and other weird fiction authors. My major writing output is Cthulhu Mythos fiction, horror, cyberpunk and some fantasy. I have written over a 160 short stories, most of which have been published in England, America, Japan and France. As well as writing, I edit fiction anthologies and write material for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. I can be contacted by email here.

11th May 2018

Tails of Terror: Stories of Cat-Themed Horror

I’m very proud to have an appearance in this book. Forthcoming from Golden Goblin Press.

Do you like Cats? Of course you do. Do you like dark, mysterious, and horrifying stories of the Cthulhu Mythos? Who doesn’t? Well this upcoming anthology combines both those things is one purrfect book. This will be part of an upcoming Kickstarter.

Table of contents.

Brown Jenkin’s Reckoning – Edward M. Erdelac

The Cat in the Pall – Pete Rawlik

Derpyfoot – Christine Morgan

Ghost Story – Brian M. Sammons

Palest of Humans – Don Webb

Bats in the Belfry – William Meikle

Satisfaction Brought Him Back – Glynn Owen Barrass

The Bastet Society – Sam Stone

The Veil of Dreams – Stephen Mark Rainey

The Quest of Pumpkin the Brave – Oscar Rios

A Field Guide to Wanderlust – Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

In the End there is a Drain – Tim Waggoner

8th February 2018

Lin Carter's Simrana Cycle, now available!

Selected, compiled and edited by Robert M Price

 With fiction by Linwood V Carter,‎ Robert M Price,‎ Lord Dunsany,‎ Glynn Owen Barrass,‎ Darrell Schweitzer,‎ Gary Myers,‎ Adrian Cole,‎ Charles Garofalo, ‎ Henry Kuttner. Roy G Krenkel (Illustrator),‎ Stephen Hickman (Cover Design)

 Lin Carter, enthralled by the “Dreamland” tales of Lord Dunsany and others, contributed to the growing genre with a series of his own stories, dubbed “The Simrana Tales.” Some of them were published in a variety of small-press magazines and other publications, but they were never collected into a book, and many tales have never been published at all. Until now. As Carter himself commented in his afterword to Lord Dunsany’s Beyond the Fields We Know, “The most Dunsanian of my fiction is the Simrana series … the name was coined many years ago and lay in my notebooks awaiting the right kind of story to occur to me.” A complete collection of his Simrana tales could hardly be called complete without including the stories that inspired him to write them in the first place: Lord Dunsany’s masterpieces of fantasy. Here at last is the complete Simrana Cycle, accompanied by outstanding stories in the genre including Dunsany’s own “The Sword of Welleran” and others; Henry Kuttner’s 1937 Weird Tales gem “The Jest of Droom-avista,” and new stories by leading authors in the field: Gary Myers, Darrell Schweitzer, Adrian Cole, Charles Garofalo, and Glynn Barrass, as well as six ink drawings by Roy G. Krenkel, originally done for the publication of Carter’s “The Gods of Neol Shendis.”


15th January 2018

I am very proud to announce my latest fiction appearance with my tale of Cosmic Horror: 'Silver Jubilee.'

 It can be read in Cemetery Moon #14, published by Fortress Publishing Inc.

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