Bassefield Fainters

About Our Goats


Three generations of Bassefield does (Dorey, Junebug, and Mercedes)

We have been raising goats for over 30 years.  We started out with a herd of hardy Brush goats.  In the early 90s, we added some Nubians to our herd to get some leg under our Brush goats and some spots.  As we soon realized, this was a big mistake because Nubians are prone to worms.  In 1999, we purchased our first Myotonic Goats.  We had heard that they were more resistant to worms and liked that they were meatier goats.  In January 2004, we sold our Nubian/Brush bucks and now have Myotonics and percentage Myotonic does.  

We do not grain feed our goats.  Our pastures are large enough that we do not have to feed them grain.  We do supplement with hay in snowy or icy weather.

Our Myotonic Goats are medium size.  All of our purebred stock is registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry.

Located in Stony Creek, Virginia


Tick - Our Livestock Guardian Dog - RIP                                                        Bassefield Dudley in a faint

Updated March 11, 2017