The Barnards of Sussex

Barnard Descendants

Into the 1900's my Branch of the Barnard descendants moved to Poynigs in Sussex.

This is a village just a few miles from Hurstpierpoint where they were back in 1600

William Norman and Sally Priscilla nee Barnard moved there in the early 1900's with Sallys brother Luther (known as Harry)  also a Gardener to garden for the owner of Herstmonceux Castle who moved to the Poynings area

They came with their 8 daughters

The 8 daughters

Heres several of the daughters later on in Poynings where they moved to follow Williams work and many married local lads like Frank SHaw the village smith

From left to right they are

Baby Douglas and Alice, Daisy, Cath (girl), Belle (baby), Sissy, Frank, Ginnie

Daisy Blanche 1888 - 1965

Daisy Blanche was my Grandmother -

Heres a post card she sent to Poynings in 1915

She married My Grandfather WIlliam Whall and moved to Burgess Hill where William was the towns first electrician.

William was in the royal Engineers during the 1914 war running communications lines between the trenches

Ann 1881 - 1930

Ann Married George Barnes

Here she is in the Garden of their cottage in Mill Lane Poynings


Priscilla 1884

Priscilla Married Frank Shaw the Poynings Blacksmith

Heres Frank at his smithy which can still be seen as a garage in Poynings

They had Kath and IsaBelle

Belle married Jim White a farmer from Henfield and I often spent summer holidays on their farm

Here is Frank with ALec Barber who Married Vera

IsaBelle 1886 - 1962

IsaBelle married Herbert Henry Barnes

They lived next to the Royal Oak in Poynings and had 5 children

Alice 1891 - 1977

Alice married Frank Lucas who was born at Fulking Post office and stores to Obadiah and Mrs Lucas seen here in their pre 1913 van

Fulking post office

Frank became grocer and shopkeeper at Upper Beeding and seen here in the cap delivery provisions during a flood of the nearby river Adur

Hilda 1894 - 1976

Hilda married Alber Wickens from Steyning who was a shoemaker

Jane 1897

Jane Married Percival Lucas (Frank Lucas's brother) - He was a post office owner and grocer

They had several children including

Jim a navigator in the RAF who died.

Harold - He was Grocer and Post Office owner at Small Dole and I remember gvisiting and enjoying their wide selection of sweets. 

Dennis - Was a southdown coach driver but he moves to Scotland

Vera Lillian 1899

Vera Lillian married Alec Barber the Poynings village builder, carpenter and undertaker.

They lived in Dyke view Poynings opposite the Royal Oak

I remember visiting often on Sunday evenings and watching their new fangled Black & White TV

They had 2 children Norman who still lives at Dyke View in 2007  and Joyce who married Jim Braby policeman from Worthing

Joyce & Jim had 2 children Christine and Janice - I photographed Janices Wedding to Alfie Champion

Daisy and Williams children 1915-1926

Daisy and William married 22 Apr 1916 at Clayton

and had

Vera 1915

Ruby 1920 my mother

and Norman  1926

Norman became a motor mechanic and Group scout leader for 1st Burgess Hill scouts

Vera and Bert married 1940's

Vera married Herbert Rothon in Poynings

Bert was a Clay pit and brickyard manager who also ran a pub )The Sun in Tidy Street Brighton)

They had one son Rodger

Heres Rodger, and cousin Christopher with Norman in the background at ROss Llan Chelligog North Wales where Bert was a brickyard clay pit manager

Rodger Studied Chemistry at University and worked for ICI

Rodger married Pam and moved to Chester and had two children Alison and Ian

Alison has 2 children Bethany and Mathew

Ruby and Arthur Married 1953

Ruby married Arthur Cook in 1953 and had Christopher (me) in 1954

They lived with Daisy and Norman moving to 96 Potters Lane Burgess hill

Christopher & Eileen 1979

Christopher married Eileen Harland in 1979

They lived in London before moveing to Hurstpierpoint in 1980 (about 300 years after the Barnards were known there)

They had two children

Simon 1981

and Emily 1985.

Surnames 1900 and before

Baker - Barber - Barnard Barnett -Barnes -  Bryan Bryant - Browne - Cheat Chate -Clark - Cook - Gorrninge -Honeysett -  Jeffery  -Lucas -  Norman - Rothon - Shaw - Shoosmith - Tamkin - Vincent Vincett - Whall - Willard - Wratten

TImeline & People

1901 Census
1901 Queen Victoria dies
1905 Einsteins relativity theory
1914-1918 WW1

1915 Vera Whall born

1920 Ruby Whall Born

1922 BBC founded and radio started

1926 Norman Born

1937 - 1945 WW2

1944 Rodger Rothon Born

1947 Television restarted after the war
1953 Queen Elizabeth II takes the throne

1954 Chris Cook Born

1967 First Colour TV in UK
1976 VHS video format released
1981 FIrst Personal Computer
1980's Earliest common mobile phones

1981 Simon Cook Born

1982 First CD Compact Disk released

1985 Emily Cook born

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