The Barnards of Sussex

Edward & Mary

Edward Barnard a bricklayer married Mary Baker from Seddlescombe at Battle on 4th June 1795
They had 4 children

John 1797 Westham
Edward 1795 Westham -Westham gravestone 1797

William 1798 Westham
Thomas 1808 Herstmonceux

Thomas & Caroline

Thomas 1808 married Caroline Clark 7th Dec 1832 at Ashburton

Caroline's parent were Aaron Clark and Ann Wratten - The wratten family can be traced back to 1555 in Warbleton and Laughton


The Wrattens in Herstmonceux were also linked to the Honeyset family who were ironworkers of French / Belgian extraction in the Mountfield and Westfield areas opf East Sussex back into the 1540's

Check out these web sites for the Honeysett family

Thomas & Caroline

Thomas & Caroline settled in where Thomas was a labourer, sewer worker in the marsh and carpenter in the 1850's

Thomas & Carolines children

Thomas & Caroline had 2 children
Edward 1833
Thomas 1850

Edward & Sarah

Edward 1833 a journeyman carpenter and painter married Sarah Tamkin on 2nd Dec 1850 in Helingly

They lived in Herstmonceux and had 10 children
Sally Priscilla 13 Oct 1858
Alice 1855
Edward  1855
Clara 1859
Caroline 1851
WIlliam 1850
Isabella 1864
Luther 1867
Luther is burried in Poynings in 1939 near Sally Priscilla

Mary 1870

Sally Priscilla & William Norman

Sally Priscilla 13 Oct 1858 married William Norman a farm labourer and gardener at Herstmonceux castle from Cumberland in 1880
This was the end of my line back top the Barnard name

Herstmonceux Castle

She then as Sally Norman went on to have 9 daughters who each married and took their husbands names.

The daughters were

The family are pictured here in the grounds of Herstmonceux castle

They lived at Clevers Lyng cottage Herstmonceux near the church and castle which recently has been a tea rooms and country hotel.

Sally and William moved to Poynings with their daughters after 1900 to garden for their previos employer when the castle at Herstmoncuex was sold

Sally in later life

Sally and WIlliam are buried in Poynings Graveyard

Surnames 1800 and before

Baker - Barnard Barnett -  Bryan Bryant - Browne - Cheat Chate -Clark - Gorrninge -Honeysett -  Jeffery  - Norman - Shoosmith - Tamkin - Vincent Vincett - Willard - Wratten

Timeline & People

1805 Battle of Trafalgar
1812 First streetlights - gas
1815 Battle of Waterloo
1830ish Birth of photography
1830's Rail Network
1837 Queen Victoria crowned
1839 Faraday reports on the nature of electricity
1841 Census
1851 Census
1859 Darwins evolution theory
1861 Census
1871 Census
1874 Churchill born
1880 First Cars and street lights
1881 Census
1891 Census
1895 Xrays discovered

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