The Barnards of Sussex

Thomas & Jane Married 1614

Thomas Barnard married Jane Jefferie  in Hurstpierpoint Sussex on 27th April 1614.

They married at the old church in Hurstpierpoint

He is listed as a Yeoman farmer

Together Thomas and Jane had 5 Children

Thomas 1614 Hurstpierpoint

Thomas went on to have 9 Children with Elizabeth all in the Cuckfield, Bolney and Woodmancote area

Thomas & Janes other children

Edward 1620 Hurstpierpoint

William 1623 Hurstpierpoint

Jane 1620 Keymer

John 1616

John 1616 Hurstpierpoint

John Married Anne Browne in Keymer in 1638 and had 4 children
John Susan Edward and WIlliam
He was a husbandman at the time

By 1689 when he died he was a Yeoman and paying tax on 1 hearth in Hurstpierpoint

John & Annes children

Their 4 children are

John & Elizabeth Cheat - Chate

John Barnard or Barnett born 1645 Married Elizabeth Cheat from Henfield 14 May 1673 at Henfield
Elizabeths parents Edward Chate and Jane Penfold were originally from Slinfold where the Penfold family can be traced back to Thomas in 1576

They moved to Laughton and had 6 children
Edward, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary and William

John was liisted as being Church Warden and Overseer of the poor for Laughton.

John & Elizabeths children

Edward 1684 was a yeoman of Glynde on 23 Oct 1716 when he married Jane Bryant or Bryan of Hamset at Glynde





William 1688 Married Elizabeth Shoosmith at laughton and they moved to Ringmer where he was husbanman in 1748 and became church warden 1754 and Overseer of the poor 1760

He died in 1777 in Laughton

Surnames 1600 and before

Barnard Barnett -  Browne - Cheat Chate -Jeffery  - Shoosmith -

Timelines & People

1603 QE1 dies succeeded by James 1 Stuart Period
1609 Gellileo invents the telescope
1616 Gallileo jailed for suggesting the earth did not go round the sun
1625 Charkes I becomes King
1642 Civil war
1649 Charles I executed
1660 Monachy restored with Charles II
1662 Hearth (Chimney) tax

John paid tax on 1 hearth in Hurstpierpoint

Thomas paid tax on 3 hearths in Bolney 1662

1665 Great plague of London
1666 Fire of London
1687 Newtons Laws & Gravitation
1689 William & Mary come to the throne
1696 Window Tax

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