The Barnards of Sussex

Late 1500's

The earliest Barnard I know of Currently is the Father of Thomas (probably John) Born around 1560

Thomas of Hurstpierpoint

Thomas Barnard was born around 1590 and married Jane Jeffery  in Hurstpierpoint Sussex on 27th April 1614.

They married at the old church in Hurstpierpoint

Surnames in 1500's and before

Barnard - Jeffery

1509 Henry VIII crowned
1530's Reformation of Protestent church & Dissolution of monasteries
1538 Thomas Cromwell orders Parish records
1538 Thomas Cromwell orders Parish records
1540 Thomas Cromwell Behedded
1547 Henry VIII dies Edward VI takes throne at age of 9
1558 Queen ELizabeth 1 takes Throne
1564 William Shakespeare

1590ish Thomas Barnard was born

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